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3 review(s) for Sarah sexyy (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Essex3

I usually read the reviews here and 99% of the time the reviews helped me. But this one was a disaster. The original guy who recommended her has really low expectations out of a punt. The girl was good looking no doubt , i paid 100 per hour. She did not do OWO nor allowed french kissing. In London i had great punts with Thai, Czech  and Hungarian girls. But Romanians , its always a disaster except that popular one in  Stanmore and this one was no exception. I left after 15 minutes , she did not even bother to return 30 minutes money.

This may not be a tip as such, but when i call and if they sound grumpy i usually dont go unless they have a census of being good. If thats the case then they usually arnt grumpy. When i called this girl she sounded too grumpy for me.

anyone visited her since?

She post nice pictures of her, but interested to hear about other peoples experience of the service with her... maybe even if it just a 15 min visit


are girls who advertise as polish, the same?

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