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Author Topic: Another no show 40ffblonde  (Read 940 times)

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www.adultwork.com/3580667 or https://www.adultwork.com/40ffblonde

First review on here and we have to start with a negative.

Been punting for a while normally leave feedback on AW. In short, few months ago i had seen the profile and thought I'd pop in on the way back from a meeting in Mansfield. Initial comms good, got postcode and duly arrived. Parked in side street which allowed me a little walk and survey the scene.  Contacted her to say I was here. Contacted numerous times to say I was here, no textback and then no answer. Left after hanging around for about 20 mins. Then had a sorry had issues. Fine happens to us all.

Saw her profile move around location wise over the last couple of months, I think once was near Sheffield and then doing outcalls only.

Long story short, saw her profile again, it had changed slightly and looked ok. dropped her message duly replied pretty quickly with mobile no. Arranged meet at a new post code near Huthwaite, Mansfield. It looked ok on google maps, for after 3pm. Duly arrived a little early parked in adjacent side street. Text to say arrived. Had txt back to say running late will you hold on for about 20 mins.

OK no problem, not busy sun's shinning and music is good on the radio. Come the appointed time no text, no replies to my text or calls and nothing since.

Don't need anymore to realise that it must be a wind up, once you can live with twice you think enough. At least it was a nice drive in the countryside               

1 review(s) found for 40ffblonde linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Turtle Z

I'm intrigued, why would you book someone with zero feedback and no profile pics?

Offline badsin

Sorry you got stood up twice. To my mind any SP offering to give / receive hardsports should be avoided  :hi:

Offline Iloveoral

One to avoid, I love a bargain fuck but at £40/30 mins she's pretty desperate and these girls once having another booking will take the first to arrive, she was probably bounce on another cock and couldn't be arsed matey, stick to reviewed girls that are reliable I would suggest.

Thanks for the warning and review matey.

Offline mediumjoe

  Thanks for the warning about yet another complete waste of space , One consolation is that you saved your cash on what would prob have been a rubbish punt .  Joe

Picking an unknown wouldn't be my normal modus operandi, however in the first instance it was the one that was at the top of the search list, plus after I had the first comms with her, btw she sounded fine on the phone, but don't they all, the location was on the way back to my office so seemed ok, plus the 40ff sounded intriguing.

Yes money saved but only until this morning after an aborted business meeting in Sheffield left me at a loose end!       

Offline Turtle Z

plus the 40ff sounded intriguing. 

Which is what I thought you might say. In the early days names like 40FF or 34D etc etc would always draw my attention but I've learned to ignore them  and I certainly wouldn't punt with anyone who has nothing more than a pair of tits showing in the gallery with no face or body shots, something I've also previously done. We learn the hard way!

and I certainly wouldn't punt with anyone who has nothing more than a pair of tits showing in the gallery with no face or body shots, something I've also previously done. We learn the hard way!

I need to take this advise....I need to write up a couple of reviews, where my love for tits took over my brain....

Good advise....

Offline hexohm

Profile pic has changed to just her cunt now. Something else that puts me off.

I spoke to her a week or so back. I was very wary as she had no feedback and just a pussy photo on the profile. So I emailed her and asked if she charged any extras? She just sent a message back saying call me and gave a number.
I called and she didn't sound very friendly at all. She sounded a bit pissed off that the phone had rung. When I asked about extras, she pretty much listed most of the stuff on her 'likes' list. Most stuff was an extra £30-40.
I got the feeling talking to her that something was a bit iffy. Either I'd get there and she'd vanish or I'd get in only to be asked for more and more money.
Alarm bells were already ringing so I didn't bother booking her.

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