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Author Topic: How genuine are the Europeans  (Read 362 times)

Offline Mgs4

Alright guys, seeing a surge of Romanians and pols etc appearing in the Torbay and Newton area how genuine are they.

I have seen a few escorts but kept to one mainly "Jessica" in Torquay who has vanished. Her number doesn't work. If anyone knows if she is still about would be nice to get her new details.

Can anybody else recommend any girls around Torbay Newton that don't charge the earth fo Fuck all

They'll genuinely take your money, then offer very limited services, expect you to cum withing about five mins and usher you out the door again. Romanians and Poles with zero feedback who pop up in a different city each week are best avoided.

Don't know about Jessica, she never really appealed to me, but I did notice her profile was active over the summer. Perhaps she's taking a break?

Milfhoneybee is a reliable punt in Torquay, and reevarose in Newton, although my requirements are fairly vanilla so I can't vouch for all the services mentioned in their profiles.

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