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Author Topic: Paradise Studios - Sheffield (Night)  (Read 1310 times)

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Offline wybo_wolf


Not been in a parlour for a long long time, but was staying in a hotel nearby last night and after a few drinks you know the rest.....

Easy to find location and felt quite safe walking up, arrived to be greeted by a doorman and a window to pay the entry fee of £10.

Once inside it was more like strip club than parlour, loud music playing groups of guys smoking/vaping and a pole in the middle. It wasn't intimidating and felt safe

Was approached by a hostess and asked what I was looking for, ended up with a blonde with decent size fake tits and maybe called Angie/Annabel hard to understand her thick EE accent and the music blasting out.

in the room, was clean enough and a bed, cost me £60 for suck and fuck. Pretty robotic services, faked moaning and groaning and overall a pretty average performance. Gave me a light massage, then wanked me hard to put the rubber on, quick 2 mins of oral and tried to slip a finger in, but legs got tighter so gave up. Once good and hard, got on my back and let her ride away, wasn't paying £70 at this time of night to do any work ;). Once I'd cum she offered to come to the bar and get me a drink, I'm sure it wouldn't have been free, so thought it was time to get back to the hotel.

At 2am in the morning and horny there's very little choice, but next would just have a wank instead....

Offline mrfishyfoo

At 2am in the morning and horny there's very little choice, but next would just have a wank instead....

Cheers for the review fella.  :hi: :hi:

I pissed myself laughing after reading this.  :D :D

Not been to night paradise for a long time (I'm on a short leash now). Anyway, still go there in the day. True about roboticness, hence I'm looking for something different so going to treat my Hampton to a non parlour punt.

I saw an Annabel in day about a year ago. Not bad, but not great I recall.

I can recommend Amanda in Paradise. Tight figure.  great ass. No fingering though. I've seen her 3/4 times. In fact, she was my last punt about 3/4 weeks ago and she was the best she'd been. Think she likes to get to 'know' you a little more.

Better than Caesers at night IMO. Also better than OMG at night. I've not tried Pandoras day or night.

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