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Author Topic: Emma_bookings - Bayswater/Queensway  (Read 363 times)

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30 mins

Normally, my RB's get 10-15 replies but this was an unusually slow one where I only had 4 replies. Two from unsuitable providers, one from someone I intend to see but didn't want to on this occasion and then one from Emma. Given she has a completely new profile I clarified prior to booking that OWO, Kissing and Facials were on offer. The positive of the punt and what lead me to book was that her comms were very good and she came back and said that kissing was fine, OWO was fine so long as I was clean and healthy and that facials were fine, but not CIM. So, I decided to go with it. She said that she has worked in Australia previously but has a mixed British/Aussie background. She has an Australian accent.

I ran late during the day and asked her to put back the booking twice. The first time she agreed and the second time she offered to cut it to 30 mins (was scheduled to be an hour). This is obviously completely my fault and isn't reflected in the rating. Anyway, got to the apartment (central london venue, small but perfectly fine for the job) and Emma came down and let me in. She is the girl in the photos, although she was dressed in a simple black top, jeans and flip flops. I get that you are in public, but still think a better effort could have been made that would still have been discreet. She was pleasant and chatty with a great body and to be honest at this point I had high hopes...

I got there and she asked if I would like a shower. I made a point of saying I had just had one but that yes, I will have another one. I tend to always do this because 'I've just had one' is probably used by some people whether it is true or isn't. Anyway I came out of the shower and joined her on the bed (she had changed in to something more suitable) and here is where it all started to unravel. Kissing was light, close mouthed, difficult to build any sort of rhythm or passion and frankly I think she really didn't want to do it. She moved down and immediately went to grab a condom for oral before even getting anywhere near me so I have a feeling that OWO is never on offer. I'm 32 and most would probably describe me as 'thin' so I tick the healthy box I think. I didn't question this, my experience is that this is like a ref giving a penalty in football; they aren't ever going to change their mind so you may as well avoid the acrimony and try to make the best of it. If I'm not going to be getting either of the first two, I assumed the facial wasn't on the cards either.

She gave me a blowjob for a few minutes but to be honest there's a reason I specifically ask for OWO because OW does nothing for me. She then moved to get on top of me but I pointed out that I didn't think I was hard enough yet. She grabbed some lube and moved next to me and continued to give me a HJ. When that had resolved itself she put another condom on and jumped on top but it was impossible really to build up any sort of rhythm. She seemed to not want to control the movement herself, but equally didn't seem impressed when I took over from below either. We changed in to missionary, but no real noises made by her nor did she seem at all interested in giving a passable GFE. She has a good body, but the sex was frankly, shit. All effort put in by me and no encouragement at all from her. I asked if I was ok to cum on her boobs and she said yes and positioned herself on her back. I finished myself off there but thought I heard an audible 'Eww' as she went towards the bathroom immediately afterwards. Had another shower and then left and had pretty much been in there exactly 30 minutes.

So yeah, overall a girl with a good body but a bit of a shit service. I don't think the one compensates for the other either at the price point we are talking about. Plus, whilst she is definitely fit, I'm talking more 7-8/10 than a stunner. I think if you want a GFE you would be better off looking elsewhere and if you want a fit girl/shit service routine there are fitter/probably better service anyway /cheaper Romanian options; so I'm not really sure why you ever opt to see this girl.
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She looks amazing from the pics but sounds like better to give it a miss.

Offline Icarus

Ah, great. I did check for verification pic prior to booking but it had been hidden.

She looks amazing from the pics but sounds like better to give it a miss.

It is the girl from the pics. Great bod but not quite as good facially as the pics make out. The verification pic is pretty representative.

Some of these girls should take a long hard look at themselves. Where else would she earn 200 quid an hour?! We have all worked jobs in our lives that we didn't enjoy 100%..at least try and fake it love!

Shame cos her pictures are tempting,that's the kind of looks I go for in my private life

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