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Author Topic: Guildford Serene Pleasures anyone been?  (Read 1088 times)

Does not look like she does according to info. But then she suggests you call so it's a possibility. Looks like is alo 90 min minimum. She does not list prices so she can make them up according to mood. Gumtree may be you best bet for that area

I've been and topless HE is available.  The massage is professional and the HE good. The lady in question is british and is based in old woking.

thanks... no rates anywhere, you remember what it was? ..also roughly age group?

From memory it was £100 for 90 - 120 minutes and included a shower and assisted bath at the end. Massage performed topless and the lady is early to mid thirties.

I visited a few times. Massage good. Nice slim lady. Then she insisted on gloves. Never been back.

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