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Author Topic: New girl at work is she a WG?  (Read 971 times)

We have a monthly email at work with a these are the new starters and a bit of back ground (and also these are the people that have pissed off). Mostly don't pay much attention to it to be honest, but this month had a quick look.

I see one girl who's just joined the company having come over from Romania, and I'm 99% sure I've seen her face on AW. But can I find her on it now, nope not a chance. Shame as she's very cute in that naughty girl next door way. I've spoken to her (in the course of my day to day work) and she's a nice girl, but couldn't help wondering what's she like under those clothes and whether she really was a WG (oh and how much I'd pay).   

Then I started to wonder of all the girl at work, who I'd like to fuck, and what they'd be able to charge etc etc. Then I realised I probably get on with what I'm paid to do. Punting with a work colleague, I think that's far too close to home. Although I know one WG who works on the same site (different building) as me. Not sure I could book her.

I would be all over the WG that works on the same site as you, as long as she is on your HL  :dance:
That would be such a turn on!

Offline Uncle Buck

Sounds like a vivid imagination to me....

Offline getonit

When you got round to seeing her was she the girl in pics? 
When you were alone in the office with her did it always feel like you were being watched or felt some else's presence? 
Does she do everything on her C.V ?
when you were with her at her desk was she constantly picking up her phone?
Does she always leave work bang on time but comes in late because maybe she has another job?
Does she call you baby and also alters her chair a lot because she finds some positions are uncomfortable?
Does she insist on getting paid in advance as opposed to a monthly salary?

If yes to all the above Old habits die hard she's defiantly a whore.

There are quite a few stunners on my floor at work and i sometimes think what they would be like as an escort, what services would they provide and for how much!

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