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Author Topic: Cleo Blonde Babe - Shadwell  (Read 2610 times)

23 review(s) for Cleo Blonde Babe (22 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Long time lurker, first review.

Saw Cleo about two weeks ago.

Was a bit worried by the photos as she has a slightly artificial look to her ( the lips I suppose) but as soon as she opened the door all my doubts faded - nice face, cracking arse.

Paid £100 for an hour - once payment was taken care off I got her to provide a lapdance which was actually quite good. The best part was that she unzipped my trousers whilst I was still sitting down on the chair and went to town on my cock. Great blowjob, I love it when a girl kneels in front of you whilst you're sitting down. The blowjob (owo) went on for about 20 minutes and then we carried on in cowgirl, doggy and missionary style. Her arse during doggy in particular looked great.

Eventually popped in CIM as that's what I went there for.

She also gave me a nice massage and there was no round 2 as I kinda fell into a slumber during the massage ( long day at the office).

All in all left feeling great and may return ( I rarely return visit) - did everything on her likes list and did them well. Have to give her points as there's no way she was comfortable in her high heels kneeling for 20 minutes but she didn't say anything once.


23 review(s) found for Cleo Blonde Babe linked to in above post (22 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online The_Don

Long time lurker, first review.

We all start some where, thanks for sharing  :hi:

once payment was taken care of I got her to provide a lapdance

Never ever understood the attraction of that during valuable punting time.  Like going to an Italian restaurant and a waiter breaks a few breadsticks over your head.  Bemusing.

Online Berba

Saw her recently in Ilford , her lips are enhanced but it didn't put me off.
She gave me a good service , great bj .
I'm  not really into tattoos on girls but she has a slim tight body , so I was able to ignore them somehow , weird I know , anyway good value for money punt IMO

She's sucked me off a few times and yes she is good

Offline Sufaking

Her Christmas deal is £80 per hour. Now debating whether I should see her or Classy Mia.

Mia sounds like a mixed bag with a blowjob that might be okay but Cleo's skill there hasn't been questioned. Still, I like the appearance of Mia more. I might just have to flip a coin...

Online The_Don

YMMV with any W/G.

Having met Mia I wasn't impressed by her and thought her attitude was substandard, IMO.

Offline advent2016

Though I hate to stereotype, out of all Eastern Europeans I've found Hungarians the most reliable. At my time of of life, I usually go for a BBBJ/CIM, maybe some RO. I found Cleo gave a very good BJ. The only downside, I found her tats a bit off putting.

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