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Author Topic: Ex Pump Gal- Birmingham  (Read 595 times)

Offline Ace24


Went to see this gal on weekend after recognising her from The Pump Massage Parlour. She worked under the name of Ayesha then.
Anyways landed in Winston Green. Flat in a Cul De Sac. She has put on weight since The Pump days, so went for 15mins service (£30). She totally denied working at The Pump for some reason and said had never worked in Brum before. Didnt see the need for her to lie. But who cares she was naked by then. She just would not shut the f**k up and kept going on about how she was robbed at gun point the day before. Anyways she was crap at giving head so told her bend over. Slammed her in doggy for about 5mins and shot my load while she was busy on her phone. Glad i took 15mins option. Shame cuz she was really good the 1st time i seen her at The Pump.

Offline vision2014

To be honest i never seen her at the pump which pump was it because they did open a second

Offline Ace24

The one i went to was where Xenia parlour is now. We talking a couple of years back here.
The Pump had some decent gals there. I remember seeing Kitty there. Mixed race gal. She was awesome.

Another one to put alongside Mischa / Farah D., Celena / Holly Wonderland and Lilly's Temptations, perhaps. I'm talking burn-out or too-big-for-boots or disillusion or tired and clapped-out pussy, or whatever ...  . I knew Ayesha when she had just started, at Blue Ice (in BIRMINGHAM, i.e.) around - I don't know - 6-8 years ago. She was a really good, enthusiastic, performer then; a little on the gobby side but confident, adventurous and all-round brilliant at sex. I've often tried to put myself into the mind-set of someone who is poked for cash, and I guess that, for many of them, it does get to them sooner or later.

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