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Author Topic: Newbie saying hello  (Read 708 times)

hi there

just discovered this forum after a while doing the AW thing, so thought I'd pop down a few thoughts/observations/experiences to compare notes with you, gents.

a very solitary hobby this, isn't it?! I've never spoken to anyone about it even when pissed...curious as to other ppl's perspectives.

my punting story...

used to go to parlours but don't any more...mostly AW indies.

punt maybe once a month...12/15 times a year at most.

faves who I've met and are still working:

Angelina in Bristol

Sweet Carla in Bristol

Lola Lee in Manchester

SexyJAde301 in Taunton

Slim Tattooed Slut in Manchester

Sorry, can't seem to do links...!

Lucky in that I travel quite a bit with work and get to try out various beauties from round the country...Manchester's the best place for it, I reckon.

Can never seems to get the best out of mff 3 somes....dunno...any tips for full enjoyment?

interested in parties...perhaps I'll try one at the Phoenix in London soon...any tips for newbies?

ok, I hope to contribute more in the future, but any thoughts, tips, suggestions, I'd be grateful

Offline hullad

Welcome to the mad world that is punting

I see you have made  a good start by posting a review, if only everyone would do the same this site could be a whole lot better.

Offline mediumjoe

   Hi Newby and welcome ,you seem to have the right attitude towards the Romanians in your  review. Agree with Hullad it's so annoying to have to ask what a girls like and then they all come out the woodwork to say ,oh yeah have had her "rubbish " and how many more members have been to see her and wasted their money .  For goodness sake it doesn't have to be war and peace  and we don't care if your English is terrible and  you can't spell ,just a few quick sentences to say good or bad or indifferent  would be an  enormous  help .Sorry Newby that little rant  wasn't aimed at you. Joe

Offline cueball

Welcome aboard SC

Good effort with your review, keep putting in and you'll get ten fold back on here.

Good to see a new member reviewing as far too many lurkers, as Cueball says if you put a bit in then it will pay dividends in info back  :thumbsup:
That's where lurkers miss out as they suddenly come on asking for info despite being a member for a year or two and not posting or reviewing then wonder why nobody responds to their thread.
How did you rate that Jade from Taunton as I may be down that way soon as she has gone in my HL, think she used to be in Torquay so also wonder if she works from a hotel?

Welcome to the forum.

I also get to travel around the country with work. I would proabably agree with the Manchester thing, with Newcastle a close second. I was in Bristol last week and nearly booked the girl you reviewed, looks like I dodged a bullet.
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Offline zigzag

I find it solitary in as much as it's my hobby and what I do in my spare time but as I'm single I don't have to hide it from OH so if someone at work asks what I'm doing on my day's off I'll tell them I'm off to let a gorgeous 25 yr old fuck me senseless! 
Others here are right to expect reviews I see no reason why I should benefit from this site without putting something back, of course so far I've really only seen well review girls but hopefully will get braver in time!

Not doing to well in the Premier League at present but welcome on board mate  :thumbsup:

ha...thanks, boys

yep...negative reviews worth far more than positive reviews in some ways....as long as theyre genuine, of corse.

sexyjade301...she's definitely just as she describes...dirty lil minx.

doesnt do anal but rims for england....just my type, genuine, good to be with, filthy...go for it.

i met her at an apartment in bristol...i think she lives in taunton now? used to live in torquay she told me.

not been to newcastle, but am in london next week...hope to get some action there and will review if so

any thoughts on parties? threesomes? any advice,suggestions welcomed.


am in london next week...hope to get some action there and will review if so

any thoughts on parties? threesomes? any advice,suggestions welcomed.


I am based in Watford, and can give you lots of advice for North London girls, not for parties unfortunately.

Threesomes, my partner and I go as a couple sometimes to see a girl, so a quick check of my reviews will give an indication of girls that are keener. Never had two wg's at the same time tho, so cannot really advise. There are a few duo's mentioned on the London review board, Dee rings a bell, as an active 3sum girl.

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