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Author Topic: Aranya massage Oxford Road Reading  (Read 1496 times)

Offline Touchme

As I've posted before I'm off to Reading for 3 days next week has anyone tried this massage place and if so how was it

Haven't been here, sorry.

However, there's a place just down road (search for Tilehurst), that seems to reliably offer B2B and oral, if that's your cuppa.

Offline Touchme

Thanks for replying is it the Chinese place?
Then l will give it a punt Wednesday

Did you visit touchme? How did it go?

Offline Touchme

Hi , no not been yet I meant this week 10/12 th so will Defo go to both Aranya and the Chinese place and will report on here Thursday.
I'm looking forward to some good experience's .

Has anyone been to Aranya massage yet?  Here are two links, one to a Gumtree ad and another to a facebook page:


When I wandered past the other day there were 3 rather bored looking girls inside who weren't too old and were reasonably good looking.  I won't be available to TOFTT for a while but would be interested when I'm back.

**** apologies - just seen that OP has posted a review under SE and it's not that great ****
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