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Author Topic: Livia Lust. Heathrow. Tourer.  (Read 423 times)

16 review(s) for Livia Lust (11 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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This was a punt that I didn’t want, but very much needed (see last paragraph).

Comms 5/5. All by text. £120/hr. Speaks very little English.
Venue 3.5/5 Ibis, Bath Road. Ok room. Parking is £1/hr. I used bowling alley next door.
Face 3.5/5, Body 3.5/5 – At first glance she looks great, defined by her tan, jet black hair and sharp eye makeup. On closer inspection and as the punt went on, I was a bit disappointed considering I had paid less for far hotter girls recently. She’s pretty but has a long, expressionless face and flat, lifeless hair. Both of which you can see in her pictures.

For example: https://www.adultwork.com/dlgViewGImage.asp?Image=5517878.jpg&SN=12&Description=

Nice eyes but with fake eyelashes. Tall, slim girl with soft skin but not toned, and a bit too bony on the top half for my liking. Fake boobs – ok to look at but I didn’t enjoy playing with them (bit too hard). The area directly above her pussy was covered in shaving bumps. Age - I would say mid-late 20’s for sure. Lips have possibly been injected as they didn’t feel as nice as they looked.
Services taken part in: RO, OWO, Kissing, Sex in a few positions.
Services enjoyed: Sex was fine.
No GFE rating as there wasn’t a whole lot of engagement or FK. And yes, I was freshly showered, shaved, smelling good etc.. It did not matter in the end as I don’t think I would have enjoyed it. OWO was toothy at times and boring. The wet wipes came out once…half way through OWO. The best punts for me are when the girl signals (by word or body language) she wants to fuck you. With this one, I felt like I was doing all the work.
Pump and Dump rating: 4/5

There are positives. She is is a nice person. She was happy to be directed throughout the punt and up for round two. I wasn’t feeling her really, and overall this was a ‘meh’ punt for me. * She’s pleased a lot of punters and I think catching her at the start of her tours might be better than at the end*

This meet was a blessing in disguise. I had been punting a lot till recently - almost out of habit rather than a real need for it. This was the punt that made me realise that I needed a break and a change in attitude.  Been ‘teetotal’ for a couple of weeks, and I feel great. Get a small urge now and again, but I’ve been concentrating on other more important things and the need for a punt soon subsides.

16 review(s) found for Livia Lust linked to in above post (11 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

£120 would be too much for a punt with no real FK for me personally. And there are a couple of other negative factors for me, so thanks for the review. Very useful. :thumbsup:

"Habit" rather than "Need" hits the nail for me.
Need a sabatical?!?

Been a while. What makes it worse was that my last punt was with a gorgeous latina and a small part of me (the part in my boxers lol) can't wait to get back in the saddle. However, this break has done me the world of good. I am mentally in no rush to get back and when I am, I am far more choosy. Also looking for more 30m punts. For e.g. 2 x 30m punts rather than 1 x 1 hour if it costs the same. I skimmed my HL down from 50 ladies down to about 8 ladies. Last few days it's up to about 12 I think. However, a few of them are tourers and a couple of them don't work anymore. The plan is to quit or drastically reduce my number of punts. Fingers crossed.

Offline Cunning Punt

I skimmed my HL down from 50 ladies down to about 8 ladies

You're doing well to get it down to eight.

You gave me the impetus to attack my HL and I managed to cut it by more than half.

Trouble is, there still seem to be 99 escorts on there - and that doesn't include those WGs who I've seen before. :unknown:

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