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Author Topic: Sensual Jane Southend  (Read 1032 times)

7 review(s) for   Sensual Jane (0 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline fatboy

https://www.adultwork.com/1760226 or https://www.adultwork.com/++Sensual+Jane

To do my bit for Tontober thought I would give this WG a try despite the one neg review here and some strange AW feedback.
Pics looked good, price £60 for 30 mins or £80 for 60 mins.
£80 for an hour is very tempting so worth checking out and thought would be worth TOFTT.......however onto the punt.

Comms by AW email and text were good, she has a 'text the evening before and on the day' policy but no great hardship.

Location is close to Sarfend Victoria station, new flat in a largish block, clean and tidy, buzzed in and felt safe.

Door opened and Jane was there, somewhat like the pics (judging by breasts and facial structure) but she must be well made up
in the pics and/or photoshopped.
Not a munter but not like the pics.
Body quite good, soft skin, nice titties fully shaven.
English not too bad, we had a couple of laughs but some common phrases she did not understand.
Asked me what I would like, and I asked for my usual vanilla GFE.
Despite what she said on her profile the service she offers is not a true girlfriend experience in my view.
Kissing had to be started by me and she did not really reciprocate it was also very light.
OW for me and the johnny was slipped on quite quickly.
In her profile offers OWO and also offers anal but anal is not for me.
Fingers were allowed and I thought about going down below but did not fancy it.
I usually can't wait but I was happy to stay topside on this occasion.
Sex was OK, but got the feeling she wanted me to come quickly so it could be over.

My overall description of the punt is lacklustre and I will not be going back so it is a negative for me.
I think we did not 'click' so that may have had something to with it.
My humour can be rather dark and self deprecating so perhaps she did not understand me (unlike those who do  :angelgirl: )
All in all not a good start to Tontober for me but there are still 28 days to go.
Best of luck boys, FB.  :hi:
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7 review(s) found for   Sensual Jane linked to in above post (0 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline sxman

Thanks for the review, but I don't think its really TOFTT as there is already 5 reviews on her 3 neutral and 2 negative, so the warnings were there.

I looked at her a few weeks back as the profile does look good and I was very tempted myself but thankfully I took notice on all the information on here and decided not to book thankfully.

ive seen a couple of girls in this flat that is used all very much the same profile £80 p/h anal in but when you get there alot is not on offer and for this reason i wont go back there now

Offline NelsonH

EE with three neutrals and two negatives.

AND you book!

What do we need to do to communicate more effectively?

Offline The_Don

At the OP, sorry it didn't work out but thanks for sharing.

YMMV, with any W/G but this one been reviewed before.

IMO its best to research first before planning a punt, this may help:

How To Do An AdultWork Profile Search on UKP

Offline fatboy

Thanks for the replies Chaps,  I was led by my trousers and the photos.
I also did not search by the AW number which gave different results and may have misled me so
thanks to The_Don for that tip. £60 lighter and lesson learnt.  :thumbsup:

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