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Offline walras

I haven't used an agency for years, but fancied a super-toned girl (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=107584.msg1261241#msg1261241)


Comms: usual agency call & text. 45 minutes notice

Location: modern flat in Paddington Basin 5 mins from the tube. Shared with at least one other WG, judging by the loud moans when I was showering. Similar vibe to HoD - girl checking to see if the shower is free

Appearance: very toned, with a swimsuit model look, recognisable from the agency photos. Fake B cup boobs with very prominent nipples. Attractive girl

Services: Round 1 kissing, RO, OWO, CIM Round two: kissing, OWO, ball sucking, no cum

Comments: a pleasant girl, no timewasting, initiated round 2, however not very skilled (compared with say Isabel from HoD, or Angellory) and didn't properly get me going for round 2

Overall: fairly nice time, but I'd have enjoyed the punt a lot more 5-10 years ago: I'm starting to value performance more than looks

Offline jstrongerrrrr

when i saw her I had no idea that she was a body-builder - was a complete shock, but couldn't fault her attitude.
Banning reason: White-knight slagging of membership

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