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Author Topic: Exoticmisscarter  (Read 634 times)

10 review(s) for Exoticmisscarter (8 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

looks like her pictures dressend in a lace underwear set. Natural tits which looked good in her bra, but once the bra came off not so much.

Sent a text to see if she was working, got a quick reply arranged a booking in about 20mins good comms.

Hotel in Canary Wharf good sieze room. it was about 10mins walk fom the staton if you know where you are going i got lost so took me a bit longer.

Saw some of her reviews about giving great sloppy blow jobs. So i though why not book a hour with filming £160. she was happy to blow me for best part of the hour with a little break.

If you like spit then you would like her, but if you are looking for that porn style blow job with spit running down her face, chin, thick saliva from her mouth to you cock then she is not for you. There was a lot of spit but for me not that messy just her spitting on my cock and it running down to my balls.
She was good at using her hands and also did a good 10mins  or longer with out hands, allowed me to film her face as she was deepthroating, she did allow face fucking but with her hands on your legs and hand at the base of your cock, maybe she needs to do a few more meets with someone before she takes her hands away for face fucking.

Would i see her again no, i would keep her in mind but she would move to the bottom of my list. It was not as sloppy and messy as i though it would be maybe too much porn on my part   :dash:.


10 review(s) found for Exoticmisscarter linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline punther

Good review

I think the type of bj you are decribing and are after may require a provider that does gagging which usually produces thicker saliva

How did your video turn out?

Offline tristen92

Glad someone shares my sentiment. Nice girl and moderately talented but not worth the praise in the sloppy BJ department.

Jeez a girl that does porn worthy BJs would make a killing, such is the demand for it
Banning reason: STD scaremongering

Thanks for reviewing, think it will just be a quick 15 minute or half hour booking if I get round to seeing her

Great first review. 15 mins would be enough. When I saw her, I had had a wank earlier. Good thing too or else I would have exploded within 2 mins at the rate she goes.

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