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Author Topic: Lauren HOD Victoria  (Read 748 times)

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Had to get my passport renewed quickly so found myself in victoria with a few hours to kill. Sitting in the pub across the road from the passport office spotted Lauren working today. A quick text message and lined up a booking almost immediately.

Tall and leggy blonde. Pretty face imo. Mid twenties at best. You can tell she looks after her appearance. Hair and makeup 10/10. Couple decent tatts.

Outgoing brummie girl we got along straight away. Everything felt natural and flowed. It really pisses me off when you give them the dough and they tell you to get undressed and lie on the bed like your next on the production line.

Plenty of dfk mutual undressing then on to the the bed. Oral without not the best though too much hand but the overall service more then made up for it. Sex in a fair few positions highlight being some vigorous cow girl. I finished with me on top and she was happy to lie there after with a bit of pillow talk muxh to the annoyance of the maid who knocked a couple of times after we had ran over by a few minutes.

Very good service.I rarely get the chance during the day so maybe a while before I get to see her again if she's still around that is.

Thanks for that. Did not know they took bookings via text. Did you have to make a phone call at any point? Handy to know as sometimes I cannot make a telephone call due to Home/work discretion

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