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Author Topic: SexyLegsBabe Leeds/Wakefield  (Read 921 times)

Offline rafa

Has anyone this lass, any info will be appreciated.


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Offline bazza

i have not seen but i have emailed on a good few occasions, seems a well educated lady who i think has a pretty decent day job. might get in touch again now since i have just had a look at her pics again  :lol:

Online mrfishyfoo


She's got AW feedback from punters that have seen lasses that I've done which gives me a level of confidence.  :dance:

Go for it fella. I reckon she's going to be a good MILFY podge. :thumbsup:

Offline rafa

If I do then will report just trying to narrow down few 40ish ladies in/around Leeds.

Offline rafa

She read my mail but never replied. It was a polite enquiry for an hour incall.

I never get why girls do this. I was only going to give her business.

Any feedback, bid on a reverse booking of mine for the weekend

Tried to book recently last time down but she couldn't make it due to work shortly before the booking was due to happen

Not yet had the pleasure. Tried to arrange something once or twice but the timing has just never worked out. She is certainly on my HL but at the higher end of the pay scale. Maybe one day...

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