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Author Topic: Margita - Wimbledon Village - TOFFT  (Read 534 times)

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Offline Ed R


It being a Saturday and I really wanted a punt, the little brain took over and ignored the limited choice and any warning signs (low price being one).

30 mins £50.

Comms: Good - immediate text back making appointment.

Venue: flat on Wimbledon High Street, Margita comes downstairs and opens door when I text, but instead of hiding behind the door, kerblammo! All passers-by see a reasonably good-looking woman in a black dress ushering me inside.

Once inside, money done, me showered, she invites me to help unzip her dress; she is Bulgarian tho speaks reasonable English, her figure in the dress looks good, things are pretty sexy so far, but then it all goes wrong.

Margita has a reasonably nice body but there are a couple of pointless tattoos and her tits are rather droopy and saggy.

Her profile says KISSING FRENCH KISSING but there is NO KISSING of any kind, apart from the pecks I'm allowed to give her cheek.

I give up and flop down flat on my back. Her profile says OWO but there is NO OWO, I'm rubbered up straight away. I suggest 69 but this is an extra 20 notes and I don't have it.

After a bit I suggest cowgirl, and she climbs on but controls the depth of thrust - why do they do this? Why am I only allowed half my cock in at a time? I try to circumvent this by suggesting doggy but somehow even like this she manages to prevent a full-length thrust.

I pull out, rip off the condom and suggest a hand/lube finish, which isn't bad as we are all relieved at this point.

All in all it reminded me of one of those 80s punts where expectations were low, no-one ever kissed or gave OWO, and the big treat was the orgasm, you leave thinking, Well at least I came.

Nice girl, nice conversation, but she's in the wrong job.

1 review(s) found for margita linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Speedy12

Thanks, I'd been thinking about visiting her. Will save my money now.

Thanks, I'd been thinking about visiting her. Will save my money now.


Was thinking of seeing her also. Even gave her a ring last week when she was in Kingston regarding a last min booking as I was in the area. She did indeed reply to my text in a timely manner saying she was busy and suggesting an alternative time (I was busy)
Reading the review I am rather glad I missed her.

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