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Author Topic: Late Night Punts Glasgow  (Read 828 times)

Offline allypally

We all know WG usually state their working hours, but when you have the horn at hours like this, it can be quite challenging to find a punt.

What's the latest punt anybody has had (in Glasgow)

Offline Clattypats

Sexi sami can be onto midnight sometimes..on phone,can't do link :thumbsup:

Offline bigbell

some girls only put times up for security reasons,
but some will allow late bookings

my work dictates when i can punt(every monday between 11-3 :D) or late finishes. ive had a 2am punt, when i foned in advance and said i was working late,with time unknown and asked what was latest time,and she told me to fone her 1 hour before, and i reckon if i foned at 3am i would have got seen

i have to say this wasnt a last chance saloon, the girl in question has hundreds of positive feedback,and lives in a classy part of town

Offline allypally

Didn't have any joy last night, but it's good to know that there are a few who are still up in the wee hours quite happy to be available

Offline Clattypats

I've seen sexi sami at midnight and Harmony Rose at 4 am in the morning (think she's in Aberdeen now)..

Latest (or earliest  :D) 6am ...me and my m8 done an all nighter. .lap dancing then casino b4 booking 2 Romanians (said they were spanish :wackogirl:)for an MMFF..Was my first punt,and quite enjoyable :yahoo:

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