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Author Topic: lovely Nicole ?  (Read 1221 times)

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Offline smiley9

Despite the mixed feedback for Nicole I decided to have a punt as she looks just my type in the pics and none of my favorites were available and to be honest I had the Urge  :rolleyes:.

The Girl: https://www.adultwork.com/3765517 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovely%2ENicole

Comms: Excellent although nothing to do with Nicole who hardly speaks or understands a word of English. Rang the number answered straight away by a very friendly girl with excellent English and made appointment . 30 seconds later texted the postcode. A lot of members will know the location very close to the Hippodrome in City Centre. On arrival rang again and given flat number and buzzed in. One thing to be aware of some of the numbers on the keypad are barely visible so I would make sure you have your reading glasses  :timeout:

Flat: Clean and tidy with working shower no issues .

Nicole: 100% the girl in the photos Tall, very slim , small natural boobs , pretty face when she smiles however this hardly ever happens  :dash: Nice enough girl but she has an Attitude! If she wasn't my type I would have walked but She looked hot in sexy lingerie and high heels and I had that Urge!

The Punt: I went for the £70 half hour. Even though I had already agreed this on the phone Nicole was clueless?Took a shower then sat on the bed and waited and waited while Nicole chatted and chatted in another room in Polish I think to another girl. Eventually enter Nicole staring and texting on her phone ? I had to initiate the fun by going over to her and finally getting my hands on that gorgeous tight arse. She puts down the phone  :yahoo: No FK just pecks I slowly stripped her to reveal a cracking body great natural small boobs. She strokes my cock which is now rock hard and leads me to the bed she reaches for the condoms WTF? I stop her OWO on your profile ? Nicole is clueless She actually smiles  at me and although I may have misheard her I am sure she said "Okay darling but don't tell Moma"  WTF? I laughed as she sucked me off  which was crap at first but she seemed to get into it after a while and it ended up with me deep inside her mouth no eye contact though. By now I really wanted to bang her so on with the protection and I bent her over and gave her a good pounding doggy which felt great as she is quite tight. I should also mention during this her personal phone rang twice she didn't answer it as she couldn't reach it but it was fucking annoying  :thumbsdown:

This would have been a negative but I did fancy her, she did suck me deep (eventually) and I got to bang a hot young firm body. However if your after GFE I wouldn't bother her attitude is terrible.

1 review(s) found for lovely.Nicole linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Littlefoot

Thanks for the review.  :thumbsup:

There have been some neutrals, where I haven't been put off still meeting, and I was glad I wasn't put off, as they turned out very successful punts.

On this occasion there's no way would I consider meeting.

Offline smiley9

Yeah great looking girl but she clearly would rather be doing something else  :dash:

Offline Ming

This is the same girl I saw as Miss Amanda and various other names too, same terrible attitude, she will never change it seems, one of those that seems to think she is so beautiful she need do nothing else, really best avoided.

Ming  :hi:

Offline Jawbreak

Saw her a while back and yes she does very little to make the punt an enjoyable one. :dancegirl:
Wastes time in other room, messes around on phone while you are there,Does not smile, Very little to no eye contact. :thumbsdown:
no conversation - apart from how long, Price for her time, what you want and good bye  :(
very beautiful and could have a long list of regulars if she would just put in about 10% effort  :dash:
Not wasting my hard earned on her again Full Stop.  :dash:
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Offline Juankerr

Thanks for the review smiley  :hi: Sorry it wasn't what you would hope for.

Never punted with Nicole but have seen her in the flat while I was meeting one of the other girls, its a shame her attitude is seemingly so poor as she looks very good although I think she looked better when she was blonde.

You mention her going off and talking to another girl, I don't know about everyone else's experiences but these girls are not shy about being visible around the apartment when there is only 1 punter in the flat, I've seen and been introduced to quite a few of the other girls whilst visiting.

Offline smiley9

Yeah funny you should mention that J while I was banging Nicole/Amanda the door was open and another girl blonde ? just casually walked past  looked in and smiled  :lol:

Offline Dodo

This is the same girl I saw as Miss Amanda and various other names too, same terrible attitude, she will never change it seems, one of those that seems to think she is so beautiful she need do nothing else, really best avoided.

Ming  :hi:
I remember visiting probably the fittest all over girl I have ever shafted called Beautiful Anna, fuckin georgeous she was on the outside but was a right miserable cow.....wonder if this is the same girl!

I dropped me pants, she looked at my dick and said 'who do you think your going to satisfy with that'?    'Me I said, that's who it's going to satisfy, me'.  :D

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I saw her roommate Tori a couple of months ago, behavior very similar, probably the worst experience I have had.

Paid for 1hour, had a quick shag and left after 15 minutes.

Offline prince2

The lady who answers the phone for these girls is called Ella. I thought I would throw that in for nothing.  :hi:

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