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Author Topic: Veronica_a Shadwell (or should that be Shagwell)  (Read 1742 times)

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Price: £130/1Hr incall extra £20 for anal

I had a meeting planned in London, earlier in the week I looked around for the WG to meet, all of of ladies top of my list were either away, or doing outcall only. I had booked up someone as a plan b but then noticed that Veronic_a had changed her working days. A few texts and everything was booked up for the next day. I texted to cancel the other WG, had been tempted to do two punts in a day but my last punt was a washout with wood issues*, so doubted it would happen if I tried.

Left work nice and early and started heading towards Shadwell, already checked the road out on google maps and there looked to be some free parking bays around, I should get there with 30mins to spare. As I was getting close my phone beeped, message from Veronica asking if we could move the time later by 30mins as the landlord was coming around. initial reaction was 'bollocks this is all about to go wrong' and be tempting to cancelled thinking she was bumping me down for another client, bit of text tennis and I agreed to the delay.

I drove down the road now very early for the punt, parking was a nightmare (it was school kick out time so don't think that helped), as Veronica's place in close to Shadwell DLR I decided to drive somewhere I knew that I could park for free near another DLR station and then get the train back.

Parked up and jumped on the train, just heading into Shadwell station when I got a text from Veronica confirming landlord gone, another text back and all confirmed I could go straight there.

At the block of flats and tap in the number to the most annoying intercom I have come across, annoying because it played a stupid tone when it was calling the flat and it was fecking loud. Even more annoying was the four times I had to do it before actually getting in (with texts in between to get it sorted).

Finally in and knocking on the door, now I had seen the face pics of Veronica from her first AW profile, but when she opened the door I can honestly say I was amazed at how good looking she was, much better then the original pictures, not sure of it was the make up, the coloured highlights in her hair (light green) but she looked stunning, she was wearing a see-through wrap thing over some black underwear and stockings.

Into the room and details all agreed, paperwork sorted and into the shower. Out with towel wrapped around me and back to the room. Veronica then asked if I like to kiss, I said yes and then the snogathon began. Good DFK with plenty of tongue, just what I like, and I was soon standing to attention. We kept kissing with Veronica rubbing my cock, before she asked me to get onto the bed.

She climbed on top of me and we continued to kiss, Veronica rubbing herself against my cock. She then slid down my body, licked my balls and up the shaft. She then went on to give me one of the best if not the best blowjob I have ever had. She took my full length and then pushed her face more onto me so I went even deeper, fuck it felt good. Veronica kept this up for a good 10mins and I was loving every minute of it. I decided I need to get her into a 69 so I could lick her pussy and arse, so finally off with her underwear.

After a bit I couldn't resist and needed to fuck her, she put on the condom, climbed on and rode me cowgirl. She lasted a few minutes and just as I was about to suggest changing position Veronica did. I said doggy and we moved around, before I could slip back in Veronica said 'maybe we try anal now?' now how can anyone refuse that. Veronica lubed up her arse and I slowly pushed my cock in, Veronica then backed onto it all the way to the base. We then had about 10-15mins of anal in doggy with me changing up the pace until I couldn't handle it any more and came in her arse.

Veronica took off the condom with some wipes, handed me a couple more and then disappeared to clean up. When she came back she asked if I wanted a massage but I declined, we had a bit of a chat, Veronica's English is passable but not great.

After a bit Veronica asked if I want a massage again, not sure if this is the way she initiates round two, but I declined again, I asked how much time we had left and a quick check and she told me 15mins, at that I thought better get on with round two (doesn't always work for me) so lent in and started kissing her.

I did really enjoy Veronica's kissing technique and soon was getting hard again, I suggest 69 again and Veronica seemed very happy with that idea.

Another round of her sucking my cock for all it was worth, changing from DT, to playing with the head,and hardly using her hands at all. I made her cum and Veronica must had sensed we where close to time as she picked up the pace and got me to cum again, this time taking in her mouth. No swallow and Veronica disappeared to get clean up again. I stood up and then noticed just how much spit and drool she has covered my cock in.

All cleaned up, and said our goodbyes.


Fantastic punt for me*, if all punts could be like this I would be a very happy man. I had been wanting to see Veronica for a while and she didn't disappoint.

Would I see again – Hell yes.
Would I recommend – Hell yes.

*my previous issue was seeing a WG I had wanted to see for ages, got hard at first but lost it for it to not come back (I was extremely pissed off), I had thought it might be time to start using the little blue pills, but saw a thread about erection issues and took some of the advice. I have always over used porn and before the crap punt (due to me) had cut it down a bit but still had a couple of wanks in the week leading up to it. This time I haven't being view porn for about two weeks (just checking profiles on AW ready for this meeting) and I hadn't been wanking either, as this punt went well hopefully this is the solution that will work for me going forward.

12 review(s) found for Veronica_a linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Emjay1317

thank you for the review. i just saw this girl at old st after reading this review. amazing girl, one of my best. i will review soon.

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