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Author Topic: The Lounge Reading; The decline of a once decent establishment  (Read 15954 times)

The Lounge in Reading is clearly not the place it was.


When it opened a few years ago i was a regular and every girl i saw there was good.

A couple were outstanding.

I stopped going a few months back when i saw a girl there called Monica who took £80 off me for a half hour session and gave me what can only be described as a 'going through the motions punt.'

Then i noticed a girl called Ellie who i had seen before at a different place was working there so i went back and had a couple more good sessions with her.

On one other occassions i went on a day Ellie wasn't there.

Two girls were advertised as available but only one actually was she was called Madison.

Another rubbish punt she started off by saying what she wouldn't do and then during the session complained they weren't charging enough!

One of my all time worst punts.

After that they went very firmly onto my plan B or even C.

Monica and Madison no longer work there by the way.

So today i am in town feeling randy so i pop into a cyber cafe to check who is at the Lounge today.

One of the girls showing as available has a positive field report on AW so i think i'll give her a try.

Went there and she is an attractive girl but again a very poor punt.

Doesn't offer oil for the massage, clearly disinterested so i offer to give her some oral to see if that might get a response.

She agrees but very quickly breaks me off and says its time for my oral.

Clearly a clock watcher.

Gives me some oral with a condom, climbs on me but holds her face and body away.

I ask her to kiss which she does briefly.

Then when i've finished she stands at the side of the room, i try to make conversation but she is having none of it.

I get dressed and leave as quickly as possible.

Won't be going back and i recommend you avoid the place as well!

Oh and on checking that field report more closely its from a user with no feedback, suspicious or what?

Well i've had a response from the Lounge saying they had previous complaints about the girl i saw called Olivia who incidentally didn't name.

They are offering me another booking at a discounted price.

Any views?

Offline Panda989

Well I would say they should put their best foot forward here and make sure you have a Fantastic time. But it's up to you, do you think it will make the difference?

I would like to take them at their word because there are a couple of girls working at the Lounge now who i have seen before at a different establishment who were great.

The only way i am going to know if its the girl or the place is by giving it another go i suppose.

Any update on the Lounge from anyone please?  The website is "down" at the moment but I don't know whether that means it's just a technical problem or the place has been shut down or what.

Offline jimmychunga

Police have gained an order to close the property in Chatham Place for three months:


We may not see it open again.

...Police and the UK Human Trafficking Centre executed a warrant at Chatham Place...

I guess you can never tell but it didn't seem any coercion going on did there???

When I looked through their list of girls a while back, there was hardly one English girl there.  Presumably all working there of their own accord but certainly trafficked from all over Europe and perhaps beyond.

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