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Author Topic: Skylah Rhodes - Adultwork  (Read 709 times)

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Skylah Rhodes


Paid £140 for an hour. I agreed she's expensive for this area.

I've had Skylah on the hit list for a while now she's active on twitter and Instagram with loads of pictures showing her face so you know well in advance what your getting, and after PlasticGeordie's recent review I thought why the hell am I putting it off so got in touch with her via AW. All comms were answered quickly and the area of the punt sent the day I made the booking.

It's a difficult place to find and after getting lost I eventually found the place to park and was guided to her door over the phone :dash:

Well the pictures don't lie she's stunning and I wanted to pounce upon her as she walked up the stairs in that schoolgirl uniform her arse and those legs are out of this world.

Paperwork out of the way and clothes off we start to kiss before she slides down and starts OWO while slowly removing her own clothes to reveal a cracking body. I'd gone there thinking I wanted round one to end with a facial but the sight of a hot 19 year old sucking away meant I could hold on for long and finished in her mouth instead.  :cry:

I'm used to having a chat and a rest after round one but no Skylah stated kissing and trying to get me hard enough for round two. Loads more OWO and on with the mac for cow girl but it wasn't going to happen so we returned to OWO close a few times but it just didn't happen.

Offered a shower and left on the hour. There wasn't much chat during this punt and it felt strange to me as I like to have a natter whist in a ladies company but put this down to the age difference between us. I've thought about a return punt but when I realized for an extra £20 I could get an hour long duo I decided not to.

25 review(s) found for Skylah Rhodes linked to in above post (24 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Looking4fun

Good review bit pricey when you consider what's on offer but it sounds like you had a good time.


Agree with you L4F, probably would have to be a special treat for me

Great review. She's a stunner alright. Very nearly had a return visit myself today. Just 10 mins drive for me but the price just stops her being a regular.

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