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Author Topic: Blowjob Claire. Leeds.  (Read 1093 times)

8 review(s) for BlowJob-Claire (4 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Claire is obviously quite well known on this site and has mixed reviews which i often read with interest. I haven't necessarily disagreed with any of them good or bad but i think it's fair that i throw a positive one her way. I saw her a few months ago for an incall.

First of all i wanted an oral session from the off so i was playing in claire's ballpark. I text her on the evening asking about an hour long appointment the following afternoon. She responded immediately and told me to confirm in the morning. Comms were good and she sounds quite professional. Claire was my first ever punt and i was nervous as hell. Maybe i shouldn't have mentioned this over text because i think i set off alarm bells on her end. She was eager for me to keep confirming i was coming several times and i'm sure she thought i was going to bail.

I reached her location which is an ok area in moor allerton. Our appointment started a bit late because she wasn't sure i was still coming. She rang me and guided me to her door. I was a nervous and jelly-legged walking up to her door I remember asking if she was used to time wasters when she answered the door and she said yes, offered an apology for being a bit late and said i should have confirmed when i was an hour away. Fair enough, although i did confirm that morning. I'll accept the blame on this one.

She asked for the money - £100 for the hour. I fumbled around in my wallet and actually dropped the cash i was shaking so much. She laughed, told me to sit down while she put some lipstick on.

Claire is a really laid back girl and she began to put me at ease from this point. She is quite nonchalant about her work and i think i needed her candour because just hearing her talk about blowjobs got me to relax a bit and caused a stir in my dick. She asked me to strip for her and get on the bed. She told me she was going to start slow and that anything i wanted or didnt want just ask. I laid back and let her get to work. Honestly i wasn't after anything more than a vanilla blow job so the description of the act will be quite brief. Wow amazing. Great technique. I told her to stop a few times so i didnt blow too soon. She was wearing a really cute lingerie set and seemed into the whole thing.

I blew in her mouth and she disposed of it discreetly and got me a tissue and a glass of water. I still remember the noise she made when it was over. Sort of a 'woo' sound, hard to explain but she made me feel a right champ. I'm grinning from ear to ear at this point.

We made small talk for a bit and she is a really bubbly girl. She asked if i want to go again but to be honest i'm spent and she laughed playfully at me. I didnt feel particularly rushed out of the door but i got dressed before my hour was up because i didnt want things to get awkward. She gave me a kiss on the cheek as i was leaving and a really cute smile.

One of the things i read a lot about her is the state of her incall location which is fair. The house is a bit worn and smells of damp but she made me forget that pretty quickly. I suspect i may have been a bit easy to please on this occassion and really can't comment on how claire would be if you were after a more indepth session, but on this punt she was perfect for me. I probably would have gone to her again but to be fair her location is a bit far from me and so i tried a few other girls out after this.
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8 review(s) found for BlowJob-Claire linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Paul1738

Cheers for the review pal.
Though I'm pretty sure it's Halton Moor she works from unless she's moved and found herself in another damp, squalid shithole, which would be very unfortunate to say the least.

Cheers for the review pal.
Though I'm pretty sure it's Halton Moor she works from unless she's moved and found herself in another damp, squalid shithole, which would be very unfortunate to say the least.

Apologies halton moor is correct. Near the wykebeck arms off selby road.

Offline Paul1738

Aye that's right. If you go back, don't step foot in that boozer for some Dutch courage either. Range Rovers and high end Mercs & Audis in the car park and not one of the patrons has done an honest days work between them. Classy area...

Wow an hour long bj sesh?!  :timeout:

Would just do half an hour next time definitely.

Offline mrfishyfoo

Would just do half an hour next time definitely.

Get her in your car fella then you don't have to put up with that shit hole of a flat she works out of.

Offline bod666

Yeah the 15 min blow job in your own car is just the ticket  :thumbsup:

Online BP96

It'd be pretty difficult to fuck up on a £100 blowjob!

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