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Author Topic: Walk ins in walsall  (Read 1282 times)

Offline bigjim

Are there any walk ins in walsall any more?

I used to use sashas a lot

Jim :hi:

Not really, there's only one i can think of and that's by the 24 hr tesco in town

I used Sasha ages ago at various addresses and also saw passionate Paris last Monday at the one opposite tescos very public tho not discrete that was my only complaint

Anybody no if Rachel who worked at sashas if she's still working

Can't remember her but I remember Erica and a few others

Offline bigjim

Can someone PM me the contact details for the place by tesco

Jim :hi:

Offline curry

Viva Street but its very public be warned u would stand out like a naked man with his bollocks on fire

Just say i wouldn't go there in they day at anytime, far to open to the public. Place is a shit hole as well. Run by foreign girls now so
Not as good when it was Heidi's

Offline curry

dont forget all the CCTV as well in that area  :thumbsdown:

Good point

Walsall use to have two decent parlours in lush and Sasha's

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