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Author Topic: vicky massage - nottingham  (Read 1364 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2975843 or https://www.adultwork.com/VICKYxMASSAGE

60 1hr - massage and HE

Nice and clean city centre flat in Nottingham.

Decent text comms.

She's tall and size 10/12 athletic looking.  She wasn't dressed/dolled up, plain,no make up, hair up and dressed in casual sports leggings and t-shirt.  OK looking.
There are usually some body pics on her profile, I reckon they are of her <I didnt go for topless and so cant say for sure>.

The room was spotless with low lighting, proper spa type music, bed and massage table.
She asked what kind of massage I'm after and I tell her that as deep and hard into the tissue as she can muster, as such she asks for 60 and tells me to peel off and get on the table.

She gets the oil out and gets cracking.  I can't remember if she did my arms but she definately worked all the way from shoulders to my calves.
I go for legit massages fairly regularly and so am happy to report that she is clearly well trained and experienced, she's really good at what she does.
It was very relaxing and thoughts drifted off to the sound of the music a few times.

She seems a but shy, she was very quiet at the beginning and I'm guessing might not always initiate conversation with people.  I asked her about massage training and travel, she sounds like shes got a passion for both and so we had a good chat and a nice vibe.

After about 45 mins or so she finished the massage part and got me to turn and face up for the happy ending part.  I was in a blissful relaxed daze by then and could barely think straight.
She oiled up my love area and proceeded to stroke the balls and cock <without a rubber> over the finish line.
In a new daze I start getting up but she tells me not to move and proceeds to clean up and then takes me over to the shower with a fresh towel and points me to some mens shower gel and shampoo.

A few minutes later I return to the bedroom to get dressed and shes aready freshened up and reset the room.  She offers me a treat from a sweets/chocolates bowl and then I head off.

It was fantastic and I'll be going back again.  I think she does a couple of weeks in the UK each month, one week in Nottingham and then another elsewhere.

2 review(s) found for VICKYxMASSAGE linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline CoolTiger

Current location is now Carlisle, an she appears to be away in Poland at the moment.

Offline Stickitin

Tried to see her a few times but doesn't seem to be too keen on last minute bookings which is how I roll....

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