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Author Topic: NW8  (Read 1080 times)

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Offline MKDons

Be careful of (any Polish ladies working out of) Scott Ellis Gardens, St John's Wood, London, NW8 9HD

Potential scam - feedback from my mate (very experienced punter):

Called number advertised (not sure where?)
Arranged booking
Called again when arrived & directed to the flat
Cannot gain entrance to block of flats so calls again - short call & can hear lots of background noise (think she's in a pub - wierd?)
Shortly after Green Picasso styled vehicle turns up packed with (Polish) guys & gals
Mate casually walks past as he heads back to his car
From top of the road mate discretely observes 2 people (girl & security?) get out of car & attempt to gain entry to block of flats for several minutes by shadowing someone in!*?

Extremely wierd situation so mate decides to bale - thought I would share - neither of us can fathom wtf is going on!*?

Offline blue

Do you have details of the said WG? I.e. profile link?

Offline MKDons

Still chasing for a link - as I originally posted this is a 3rd party update.

Offline Cat Lady

I see they're still operating...
Guys, stay well away - it's a Polish pimp couple. Pimp girl is addicted to heroin, and has very rich criminal past. Girls  who work for them do bb, one got pregnant by the client, one was a crack addict.

Offline MKDons

Sounds like you have some first hand information / experiences - could you share any links please? Thanks.

Offline Cat Lady

Sorry, don't have links, can have a look on AW - it's easy to spot them - if I find them, I'll post them here.
Was supposed to be working for them, but when I saw the state of the place, needles  :scare: and the other girls - I run for the hills.

Offline Cat Lady

Right, couldn't find them unfortunately  :( There's an ad on website for Poles in UK, they're looking for new girls, so they'll show up soon, I'm sure (number in the ad 07776479981, they use this phone for AW as well). Pics will be full length, good quality, nice clothes/lingerie, but no faces ( not covered, but heads turned other way), obviously crappy spelling and grammar on the profiles, zero feedback... Not sure if that helps?

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