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Author Topic: Chinese massage place at top of castle mall  (Read 1020 times)

Was in the city last week and wandered past a Chinese herbal place offering full body massage. Looked a bit seedy and an odd guy wandering about out the front who probably owns it, just wondering if anyone has been and got a happy ending?

Offline Henry767

Used to be run by a younger chinese guy who was the herbalist and employed a masseuse Lola who would do HR after a few visits, but she went back to China about a year ago. Older guy is partner to the female doc/herbalist, apparently she does massage and is straight only, so I've heard.

Thanks mate, might pop in and give the massage a go and book a punt for after just in case!

Offline Enons

yep ive been and no sexual options!, however I think that was the best message ive ever had!...shes very highly qualified.

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