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Author Topic: Buxom51 now of Caddington near Luton  (Read 568 times)

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Again, a 3rd visit, much fun only she has moved to the village of Caddington - impossible place to find without a map - between Luton Airport and Tesco/Dunstable in a spider's web of roundabouts.

Other than that had great fun, sorted appointment by texts. Turned up with head spinning from the local road system, parked easily in the little close street and then could not at first see the bungalow. Ok, found it, very clean, a dog snuffled behind a closed door. Gave a punnet of raspberries - a kiss, went for a pee, paid, undressed and a had a good long vertical snog and grope while I helped her undress, culminating in a slippery doggy while she leaned over the bed, very wet, in and out and more out and in again a few sexy times. Then both onto the bed for a real snog. Then I had a great time with her floppy whoppers, played sucked, stroked, gorged my mouth on both nipples at once!

Then fingered her rapidly while she moaned and writhed and became really slippy, managed to get 3 fingers in and the pinky in her rear entrance. Nice one. Then I went down on her for a while and snogged her again so she cold get her juices.

Finally I asked her if she would like some protein for lunch, She sucked for England. I have been sucked many times but this time I asked for the full monty, I never had someone suck so well and swallow the lost and complain it was a big mouthful while grinning!

Wiped, nattered, rested, dressed and staggered out into the street, phew, what a scrocher.

4 review(s) found for Buxom51 linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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