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Author Topic: Naughty LOLA and B-ofCardiff  (Read 948 times)

Hello everyone. I am visiting Cardiff for just one night next week and am looking for a punt.
Searches on aw have lead me to Naughty LOLA and B-ofCardiff?

I can't spot any review on here at first check.
Anyone visited or have any comments on them?

I was hoping to see Sweet Carla but I believe she has moved on.


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Offline MikeBWales

I have a feeling Naughty LOLA may live with Sheila who I had a terrible experience with.  I don't want to tar all WG's with the same brush, just food for thought. 

My review on Sheila:


I can give you the address if you like so you can do your research first

she is petite with small breasts, but when it comes to sex she was very good, made me relax. :coolgirl:

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