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Author Topic: Give me a number......(AdultWork Hotlists)  (Read 3046 times)

90+ in mine. Done some of them, others are in areas I regularly travel to, most are for phone numbers I don't want to put in my phone - don't want my kids using my phone and asking "Dad, who is Anal Luvin Cum Slut?" -  and others are for my bucket list.

I thought this was gonna be about sharing some AW numbers of some of your best hotlisted girls..  :unknown:

never bothered because my opportunities vary to different places, I use age and location or proximity searches and add in newest registrations when planning a punt. I also go through my file of emails to see who bothered to reply.

What is surprising is how many ladies post a profile with no location.
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I have about 29 I just add anyone that i might remotely like to see as this helps narrow it down when I get the punting urge. I also add ones that get a good write up on here.


114 in mine but I use the hot list as a first stage sifting process rather than a serious to do list. Just looking seriously at it and I'd reckon there's maybe 10% in there that I would then again some of them are speculative in case I ever get to their area.

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