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Author Topic: Bulgarian on Viva Street Kara. Ad posted by TOP ESCORT !!!! 07424929564  (Read 1675 times)

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Offline shyjamal


My first review so go easy on me.

Phoned and good comms

Was not given a postcode but was asked to come to Greenstreet in bradford bd1 (little germany, same street as thai masage parlour).

Arrived amd called to say i was there and after a bit of bad directions from the girl we met on the street...

Alarm bells ringing!!!

A girl who i would have walked away from greeted me and said dont worry its not me... you here to see the bulgarian girl and she is in the flat ready dressed in lingerie.  I was nervous and felt this is unusual.

But i thought any dramas i will just walk away.

Anyways arrived in the flat and a pretty girl came in all dressed up she was a bit curvatious but was really pretty. 

English was not great and she said she was 19 and was very accomodating andsaid she offered owo and anal was descretional (im not into Anal). So i refused anal

Cost 50 quid 30 min... would i go back, yes i would coz i only lasted 15min and left early ( prob one shot service but not sure).

The girl in the pic is deffo slimmer (i like my slim girls), but non the less its the same girl

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Online mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella. :hi: :hi:

You say it's the same lass as in the pictures but bigger.

How much bigger ??

Was she a kisser ??

Was anal in the £50 price or was it extra ??

Was her age about right ??

Questions !! Questions !! She is though a potential tontober candidate if the answers are right.

Offline overdone

Wow she looks nice, like that tattoo. £50 & anal great price. I don't know where it is you said but i'm having a look

Offline Barryy

Now then this more like it :thumbsup:
I think I'm going to have to pay her a visit... it'd be rude note to since she's so nearby  :D

Offline shyjamal

She is a kisser, and it felt like she enjoyed it too

I dont like big girls but i defo found her attractive. She is not fat and not slim.  I like my slim girls but i had a go and no complaints from me. 

Ive not done anal so cant say if its inc or extra in 50.  I asked her out of curiosity when i met her and she said yes its descretional so i imagine its included.

She deffo looks about 20 21 yrs old with firm skin.

I want to try anal out tbh its either going to be cathy or this one  :unknown:

Online mrfishyfoo

I want to try anal out tbh its either going to be cathy or this one  :unknown:

Cheer's for the extra info fella.  :hi:

If that's "Cathy the famous one" you are on about then the word is that she loves it up the wrong un. :yahoo:


Not dabbled myself but know of others who have and had a really good time. She has quite a few reviews on here which should be linked at the bottom of this post.

21 review(s) found for CATHY THE FAMOUS ONE linked to in above post (17 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline shyjamal

I have seen this one again and sadly its a Negative review this time


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