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Author Topic: Sheng Long - Chester Le street  (Read 1013 times)

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Haven't seen an up to date review on Sheng so thought I'd do one. https://www.gumtree.com/p/deep-tissue-massage-services/sheng-long-chinese-massage/1185356743

Very good. Quick reply for booking, offered HE straight away when I asked about the price. Booked the day before, Sheng then text me on the morning of the booking to confirm I was still coming. Good job I'm single and don't need discretion or else that could have been awkward...

Sheng is based in a house in Chester Le Street, end of the street, easy to find and discreet quiet area.

Sheng text saying the door was unlocked and to just come in when I arrived at the location. House was very clean, Sheng was waiting at the top of the stairs. Took me into a room which had a proper massage table. The room was well lit and warm, not like other places I've been. Got undressed and lay face down on the table. Sheng began massaging my back and legs, a very good massage. She would rub my balls and go between my arse crack as well. Got me very horny. She then ushered me to lift my pelvis slightly so she could rub my cock as well.
Sheng told me to flip over and began the HE. She rubbed my balls and put a finger in my bum while wanking me off - a very good hand job. She allowed me to touch her bum above her dress, I attempted to move under it but she sort of pulled away. I came very hard and then Sheng cleaned me up and massaged my legs and feet. Like other reviews, I would agree and say Sheng actually offers a Happy Middle. I was totally relaxed and could have easily gone to sleep.

Sheng is well rated on this site and I can now see why. £35 for 30 minutes with HE, great value and I will definitely return.

great review and very accurate description of one of the N.E best , glad you enjoyed yourself

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