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Author Topic: Miss Kinky Katie x - Glasgow  (Read 2103 times)

4 review(s) for Miss Kinky Katie x (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline nervous1

https://www.adultwork.com/2637735 or https://www.adultwork.com/Miss+Kinky+Katie+x

1 hour - £100

I never realized how much of a fluffy I am until I thought about what I'm going to put here  :blush:  So I've been having a pretty torrid time with deathgrip recently & have been contributing to the big thread about it on the UK section so this plays a big part on why I'm rating this a positive.  The main thing about reviews is the content of them rather than the rating though so I'm going to be honest about the negatives.  Also, sorry for length of post, I have a lot to share here.

Comms were fine on the phone, her English a little rough, but no problems as were the texts with her address.  Arranged a quick meet and got there just in time as I'm clueless about this area.  It's in the Tradeston area and a quick walk from city centre where so many WGs seem to operate.  No replies to my texts or phonecalls regarding flat number and after 10 minutes walked away in the huff about to arrange plan B, etc. then she finally texted me asking for another 10 minutes which is what it did take before I got the flat number.  Got to the door and I could hear the voices of Eastern Europeans laughing & joking, both male and female behind  door.  Was scared I had got wrong info so just stood there.  These block of flats were huge and more like a hotel.  In fairness, she was the only person I met during punt and no sign of anyone else when she let me in after I texted her.  I have never encountered anything like that before & surprised I didn't walk.  Next negative: her pics (which is what had me scrambling for the phone a few hours before) were clearly from a stone or two ago.  One of those situations when I had the horn big time so never bothered me as I liked what I saw and couldn't wait to get fired in.  She's not quite BBW but chubby and next closest thing no doubt.  Luckily for her, I like curves and big tits (hers were rather great) but the false advertising cannot be ignored.

Another negative, and another first.  Needed the bathroom and gave my knob a wee freshen up and there was no towel.  Needed to use my shirt to dry it  :(

Okay, so the flat itself is perfectly fine.  Basic but clean and comfortable.  Katie, heavier as described obviously, is  still a nice looking lassie with a sexy body if you don't mind the extra baggage.  A few WTF moments during conversation as she is a character to say the least, and her English wasn't as clear as on the phone but in a  strange way she is a friendly & charming once you get used to her.  I am genuinely a nervous guy & just got the impression she has a devilish sense of humour and likes to tease.  Some nice DFK and playing with her big soft tits.  OWO was very deep and I started guiding it in and out carefully which I've never done before and she was fine with it.  Could not wait to fuck her and when I did she was soaking wet and I didn't last long.  Recovering between rounds and chatted.  Said she doesn't do escorting that much just when she wants fucked.  I don't know how true that is but she did genuinely seem to love the sex (a fine actress if not) and came across the entire time as a daft, horny lassie rather than a mechanical WG which is why I ended up enjoying it.  Round 2 lasted a lot longer than I'm capable of but was a lot of fun trying different positions and could hear all the right noises coming from moaning and wet pussy.  Knackered I asked for some DFK, way more passionate than before, while I finished myself off.  I played with her tits, she licked my balls then I splattered my chest.

Despite the obvious drawbacks this was one of my better punts believe it or not.  I have had some awful punts with way better WGs because of my own issues but this one did the trick for me and then some.  I know some of you would have walked and I hope any tempted guys are well warned about reasons why.  The fact she wasn't the most professional or organized wasn't an issue for me after experiencing her enthusiasm.  I would probably go back if it weren't for the fact my hotlist isn't so huge.

4 review(s) found for Miss Kinky Katie x linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline David1970

Good review. Only querie is the positive, I would have been a neutral at best, just because she is the best of the shit punts would not make her a positive.

Offline Clattypats

Good review nervous 1 :thumbsup:

Glad you enjoyed and got over your problem somewhat :drinks:

Offline nervous1

Good review. Only querie is the positive, I would have been a neutral at best, just because she is the best of the shit punts would not make her a positive.

I think that's just my fluffiness & recent bad experiences, tbh.  Obviously not that much of a fluffy or else I wouldn't have been so honest.  Most important thing is folks can take the info they need  :thumbsup:

Good review nervous 1 :thumbsup:

Glad you enjoyed and got over your problem somewhat :drinks:

Cheers mate  :drinks:  A bastard of a thing this deathgrip when you've got a hobby like this.  My own fault though for being a wanker.

Alright, I admit it, I had to google "deathgrip"...never knew such a thing existed. Live and learn :)

Offline BG27

I've long suspected that Katie was a polish girl I saw a while back that flat shared with Sex Sami, this review has pretty much confirmed my suspicions as it all sounds very familiar.

I saw Katie three times in Edinburgh, the first time was one of the best punts I've ever had, I visited her twice more over a six month period and it was like a different girl, totally disinterested, loads of messing about keeping me waiting etc. If shes back on form I may be tempted but the last two punts were so bad I came out really annoyed.

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