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Author Topic: need some confirmation..  (Read 811 times)


I am kinda new to this..and short on money. Was looking at viva and found this girl, at first I was like "her forhead looks a bit manly" but still, i like petite girls. Called her and the person i talked to..clearly sounded like a man imitating a girls voice..it actually took me by surprise..and then i looked at her pic/face a bit carefully..and it looks more like a mans face the more i look...
Anyone know/met this person?

Offline Littlefoot

I don't know her/him......but if they sounded like a bloke on the phone, I'd be seriously worried  :lol:

If I were you I'd look elsewhere. There's hundreds of petit girls out there, that sound like girls.   :lol:

Offline thailuver

one way t find out will await what you say or pay f me and I,ll tell all lol

Offline PepeMAGA

looks like Justin Theroux in drag.

Offline Stapler

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Offline PepeMAGA

Is that the brother of Louis?  :music:
yeah, the three of them have a similar look.

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