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Author Topic: Siam Sauna, Eastleigh  (Read 2299 times)

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Offline nigel4498

I have meant to visit this place but it's a bit too close to home and not that discreet but driving to Wickes in Hedge End  I decided to give it a go.
Rang from the DIY car park and was told that a girl was available in 20 minutes so I booked 30 minutes at £50.
Pulled into the garage and then onto the premises parking bay. A quick glance around and dodged into the side entrance. The lobby has a small sofa and as has been noted before a metal grill door. The Madam let me through the door and after taking the notes led me to a small windowless room, told to undress and wait. The room had a single bed and a chair and two wall shelves by the bed, a fan was fixed to the wall to cool it down.
After about 5 minutes a small pretty Thai girl with long dark hair entered the room, lovely little body and amazing tits. Said her name was Ke Ke. She pointed to the pool across the passage and asked if I wanted to join her there, I declined as it didn't look that good.
Told to lie on the bed face down and the massage began, it was okay, had better.
When I turned over I went to handle her tits and pull her towards me for a suck but she pulled back stepped off the bed and took her knickers off. Climbing back onto the bed she took a condom
from the shelf and it slid over my cock, it was one of those horrible black thick ones and was really tight when on. Before I knew it she straddled me and slid onto my cock and started to ride me cowgirl, have to admit she was tight and as leaned forward I managed to get a nipple in my mouth for a bit before she leaned back as she rode me. I wanted to fuck her doggy but she stayed on until I shot my load.
Off with the condom and she cleaned me up with the wet wipes, must have used a whole packet while she was at it. Chat for a minute or so and she got up and silently left the room.
The madam was standing at the door now as I dressed and quickly ushered me out.
Don't think I would visit again as the whole experience was rushed.
 I would estimate my time with the girl was 20 minutes.The girl herself was pretty, great tits and a lovely tight fuck but it was all very mechanical.

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Offline Doormatt

Can you confirm if this is an historical report.

My understanding is she was supposed to work this week but cannot due to personal problems and may return next month.
If you did indeed see her this week that may explain a lack lustre performance. I usually have fantastic fun with her.  She was not there Monday.tuesday when I checked at 1pm and also today.

Thanks. DM.

Offline nigel4498

It was the last week in August.
Dubious about trusting Chinese/Thai massage places, there is no photograph of most of the girls so they could say they are anyone in reality.
She called herself Ke Ke but whether she was or not is anyone's guess.
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Offline Doormatt

OK. Thanks Nigel. Glad I didn't miss what I thought was a small window of opportunity. Mamasan told me the truth this time. For the record I would give KeKe a positive on the 4/5 times I've seen her. The place however is a dump and will always get a negative. Maybe someone could offer to do it up in exchange for favours 😂

Offline sunbunny

"dump" is a bit harsh - the place has a certain Retro charm for those of us who remember the 70s!

To say it was mechanical and a thick black condom was used sounds like my experience, few months back.

I would say it was OK, she is beautiful in my opinion, I made it about 4 mins before cumming with keke on top!

Will go back though one day :)

Yeah I went to this place a little while back. I had no prior knowledge of it and was surprised to find it by a petrol station and an industrial estate. But I'm a guy and I was there so I went in.
I was just expecting to get a massage and happy ending and that would have done me fine but after being told to turn over she expertly slid on a condom and start riding me cowgirl but squatting. It was amazing but probably because I wasn't expecting it. She was definitely like a machine but it did the job.
The mama was had a scary appearance but seemed OK.

Offline nigel4498

It must be the technique that they teach them at the Thai training college for whores, squatting cowgirl, least contact that way I guess.

Offline Stiltskin

I must have been lucky with this place. I've been there twice and had a decent GFE both times. I didn't see Ke Ke though. Helen was the best I've seen.

You're brave parking by their unit. I always Park on a side road and walk up.

Offline snagz

I was going to ta a visit yesterday but when I was walking up the two garage guys were buffing a car right next to the entrance. I ended up looking round an A3 instead :lol:  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: will probably return next week when the garage is shut. I want to give the hot tub a whurl :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:

Offline kamu

Offline nigel4498

I want to give the hot tub a whurl :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:
Wise choice.
I wouldn't if I was you.
Last time I was there it didn't look to inviting :vomit:

Hot tubs have a bad rep for (extras)

Offline snagz

Well I'll have a look probably Saturday Eve. I think I'll give Apple a dodge, looks like she's a bit confused and put on a little too much sun tan lotion on her face this time of year in the sunny south!!

Offline Hantsolo

Well I'll have a look probably Saturday Eve. I think I'll give Apple a dodge, looks like she's a bit confused and put on a little too much sun tan lotion on her face this time of year in the sunny south!!

Maybe it's the effect of the water in the hot tub??

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