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Author Topic: Annforyou - Leicester/Kettering  (Read 1533 times)

Offline JayGatsby

Saw this lady a couple of times about four years ago - was wondering if she was still around

Her profile was often up and down on AW - it was number 122956

Her AW feedback is still viewable and she logs in from time to time - https://www.adultwork.com/dlgViewRatings.asp?UserID=122956

She also drove some interesting American cars - due to her main business interest

I know she moved from the Leicester area and had a new profile in Wales but can't seem to find it. Likely to be doing a long overdue trip to the Leicester area and wondered if she was still there - she still did Leicester as well as Wales.

Anyone got any info?

Hi she did have profile West Wales area....but just checked its no there any longer...

Offline JayGatsby

Thanks for that

I guess she has stopped this line of business

Well the Welsh profile was active about a month ago...but been taken off.. So you never know

Offline CoolTiger

Well the Welsh profile was active about a month ago...but been taken off.. So you never know

I recall her quite well. Had loads of photos in her car(?).

Thanks for the update. Would you know whether she continues to use her old profile when she moved to Wales, or did she create a new one?

Her old profile...

No I believe it was a new profile but recognised the profile pics.

As she had extensive gallery on her Northants profile and high feedback. I visited her over finedon way pretty remote property. Had interests in yank cars n stuff

Wasn't so active down here

On McCoys still in Carmarthen mobile number... Good luck  :thumbsup:

Offline Nigel57

I visited her a number of times a few years ago in the remote Finedon property. Really nice busty MILF. The most memorable was having her on the dining table! The last time I saw her she was starting to spread a bit.

The pictures on her profile didn't change over the years, so were quite out of date in the end, and the picture in the profile above must be 10-15 years old.
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