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Author Topic: Yaya - SoHo  (Read 1449 times)

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It was a good day today. I went to get some lunch, and as I was about to pay another customer barges in front of me and the person severing me forgets about me and I get a free lunch. (it was me standing there at first awkwardly for 5 mins wondering if I should remind him or so), but I digress..

I wasn't sure who to see so I just decided to go to Soho instead, and I saw Yaya, (which was a surprise seeing as she doesn't normally work on Thursday) had owo for 30£. Pretty Thai girl in her early 30s, great set of tits. Great vfm.

If you don't like the soho scene she does work in Croydon I believe, for 60£ for half an hour. Not too sure on that thought.

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