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Author Topic: Outcalls to hotel in St Petersburg  (Read 715 times)

Offline ripstern


I'm about to leave on a week trip to St Petersburg and I was wondering if someone knows or recommends any web or agency that is trustworthy.

It's my first time in St Petersburg so I rather have the AW coming to my hotel than me walking around the city.

Can anyone recommend me any agency or girls that would do outcalls to hotels?

Many thanks in advance!

Offline jonjo29

You could try this website http://rusprostitute.com/ It does say some of the girls speak English.

Offline phil77

I spent many months in st Petersburg and my recommendation is to b careful. Many of the girls on rusprostitute do not speak English and I reckon at least 60% of the profiles are fake.

My recommendation is to spend a bit more and go with th following , best is to visit but you will need some russian. Some of the girls there do speak English. I have sampled at least 10 girls from this site and without exception they were always the girl in the picture. They all appear to perform the same way. I wonder if there is some instruction classes behind the scenes.

I would not venture anywhee else as org crime is rampant in st Pete.


It has been 18 months since I was there and a lot of the girls have changed. Cannot wait to go back. I am stuck in boring old London.

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