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Author Topic: LilTheLustyLibrarian - Edinburgh  (Read 2247 times)

7 review(s) for LilTheLustyLibrarian (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I met Lily for a 1-hour incall at her flat in Edinburgh a month or so ago. Cost was £150. Here’s how it went.

Lily’s profile had always intrigued me because I quite liked the “nerdy” or “bookworm” undertones. I was also attracted to her claim that she was a dancer in real life and had a dancer’s body and suppleness. Her photos, for me, were teasing - clearly well posed but cleverly hiding her face and features. Anyway, work had me through in Edinburgh and I contacted Lily and set up the meeting.

Comms were all fine. Phone calls and an AW booking request. She has an American accent which has been softened by several years working in Scotland. I made no special requests except to underline that I would be happy to meet her as she appeared in her AW profile.

Her incall flat is in North Edinburgh near Fettes. It’s a ground floor flat and I felt safe and discreet.

Once inside Lily greeted me with a soft lingering kiss. She was wearing a loosely-fastened white blouse and black skirt. This was obviously the first time I’d seen her face and I found her to be good-looking but clearly older than her profile would suggest. She had vibrant ginger hair and glasses.

I was taken through to her bedroom, offered a drink and given the use of her shower. Once back in the bedroom she invited me to sit on the couch and discuss the punt. Now, this is where Lily’s style started to become obvious: she’s all about warmth and sensuality. We held that first chat with her holding eye contact and having her leg draped over mine, all the time stroking my thighs or arms.

Lily's got a great body. She gave me a slow lapdance which eventually led to OWO on the bed. After a bit I moved down to give some RO which went very well (if I don’t say so myself!). Doggy next, a bit of cowgirl then hand relief to finish.

Lily’s style is sensual and low-key. She shows pleasure by sighing, gasping and making wee moaning sounds. Her chat is whispered and deliberate. Don’t expect a full-on thrusting, dirty talk session. It’s all about touch and sensuality. If I was to make one small criticism then it would be that there was too much of that. I think, in hindsight, I would’ve preferred to feel her go ‘up a gear’.

Post-pop we lay on the bed and chatted about our days coming up, and the plans we had. It was really chilled out. For guys who just want to ape around fucking escorts then Lily's probably not going to float your boat. But for those who have had a bad week or a stressful time then a session with Lily would ease all of that, I think. Warm and sensual rather than hard and fast.

Having said all of that, I got the impression that there was more to Lily than was on offer during our first meeting. She gives off vibes that suggest that there are more depths to her that would become obvious after a few more meets.

I'd go back



7 review(s) found for LilTheLustyLibrarian linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline ComeAgain

Good Report...thanks for that. She works from around the corner from where I work, and I kind of figured she would be that lazy long stress relieving shag that you describe. She has been on my radar for a while so might just go for it this week.
At £150/hr is she value for money?

Hmmm dunno. Value for money is subjective and since she's only priced herself 10 or 20 quid higher than the average (?) then it's a close call. I didn't feel ripped off or short changed. I wasn't hounded out the door or ever given the impression that the clock was ticking.

So, on balance, aye - value for money


OP - what would you estimate her age to be ?
I've seen her twice in Aberdeen, agree she is toned, but I would put her at late 40s, which for me is too old for 80/hh

Online pete-piper

I visited Lil a couple of times in the past when she used to offer 15min appointments. Those were gvfm as I thought her service in the limited time was great. I'm probably going back 3 or 4 years.
As for age, I'd say she's subtracted the usual 3 or 4 years from her real age. Looks good for it though.  :thumbsup:

I'd guess mid-40s but it's hard to say given how well she's looked after herself. Her bod would be the envy of some younger women.

Offline colinj

Seen her profile before and thought not a great deal of it,but your report has raised my interest ,will look to make a booking I think.thanks.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (colinj, sassyass)

Offline Cactus

I reckon she'll be pushing 50 now. I saw her 3 years ago (reviewed on here) when she claimed 35 and I'm sure she said she was 45. I nearly walked but glad I didn't.

Decent but very vanilla punt with an attractive older American lady.  The review was similar to my experiences, but I rated her neutral, verging on positive.

She is on my hitlist but I feel like 150 per hour is a bit too much for 50 years old woman. She has to be very special to make me feel good paying that sort of money for a pussy with such mileage.

Online pete-piper

She is on my hitlist but I feel like 150 per hour is a bit too much for 50 years old woman. She has to be very special to make me feel good paying that sort of money for a pussy with such mileage.

TBH she may be nearer 50 than 40 but she is in great shape and her service is good.
You will certainly find a younger girl but in the end it's the service that makes a punt VFM.
She doesn't look her age.
If she was in my price range (again) I'd return.
Recommended. It wouldn't be wasted money on this lady.

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