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Author Topic: Changing profiles  (Read 1356 times)

I had in my hotlist a young lady who went by the delightlful name of Kiss suck Fuck Lick (KSFL) but when i last went on , she'd disappeared and been replaced by Morrocan Girl, clearly not the same person.  Is this substitution normal?  I could end up with anyone in my list!


Offline Jacob

It happens quite a lot SOD. It was raised recently by LOTM.


I've got a few examples in mind where one EE Prossie has been replaced by another. Always a good idea to use 'notes' in the hotlist so you know what's what if you've got quite a few. It's often about the feedback. Was thinking of starting a thread sometime but you've done it. Post the details ......

J.  :)

Offline Jacob

Just noticed this feedback about a few Prossies in High Wycombe. Those concerned do have 'verified' profiles.

Only    ian269u001 (0) 15/12/2010 16:49    Seeking Services
     Warning! Emailed her re:identity (pics have changed). No response. Girls in Wycombe seem to be swapping/sharing profiles. Prev feedback maybe for a diff lady!

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Offline Strawberry

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It isn't difficult to swap/change/share profiles. I once saw a man suddenly change into a female and of course the feedback travels with them.

Online Marmalade

It isn't difficult to swap/change/share profiles. . . . and of course the feedback travels with them.
Swap and changing, yes but sharing risks getting red-inked by AW for aliasing. Mind you, some just share the same profile out of laziness. Yet the feedback can be hilarious when the 'girl' has several different names (and different genders).
I once saw a man suddenly change into a female
Now that sounds like a front page for the Daily Sport!!
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Online Marmalade

Those concerned do have 'verified' profiles.
I once had a 'verified' student pass and press pass - both issued complete with holograph on Bangkok's Khao San Road.  :lol:

Verification is one of the least successful of AW's innovations. The crooks are better at satisfying the requirements than the girls are at trusting AW. So AW gets slagged off by the prossies who warn against the possibility of a Belize company stealing their info, and we slag them off cos it means f*ck all.

At least the KS verification was 'fit for purpose' (student discounts and access to press areas at gigs).
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Offline Jacob

..... off cos it means f*ck all.

Most certainly. It seems that becoming a 'verified' member can happen pretty quickly. I reported a profile for a cammer that was advertising as a Prossie when she was clearly not. Just a ploy to get more hits and pay to view IMO. Anyway the profile was removed but was back within a few hours as a 'verified' member. It would seem that this type of verification only requires the electronioc documentation which is something that could easily be manufactured and not pass any real inspection.
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Offline Jacob

Slightly Off Topic but about Verified Profiles.

Reported this one as Profile Picture widely available on Internet and also one of many similar FAKES. It became inactive but is now back as Verified. How the hell can it be genuine?? It can't. As Marmalade says Verification means f*ck all, and makes a mockery of the whole process.  :dash:

https://www.adultwork.com/1114557 or https://www.adultwork.com/slimjodie

Offline ladyofthemansion

You would think AW could programme something in so women cant change profie to somebody else. OK, a lady could change size, services and hair colour. Also, she will grow a year older each year. However, its ridicoulous that a 20 year old white lady can turn in to a 30 year old black lady.

Offline Jacob

Here's another 'Verified Profile' which Adultwork won't remove or look at despite pix all over the net and someone who ignores emails (no surprise there).
https://www.adultwork.com/1046430 or https://www.adultwork.com/Claudia+for+fun
Claudia for fun - London - PG @ 1  * 
Example pix.

Profile Picture

If that profile is real then I'm a monkeys uncle.

  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:

Online Marmalade

she will grow a year older each year.
Her profile will - some seem to forget that an age is displayed automatically - from birth data entered I think - irrespective of what age she calls herself. Sometimes the two don't match.

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