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Author Topic: Young Thai 1 - Huntingdon (on tour)  (Read 614 times)

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Offline JonnyS

Thought it was about time I did a review on here... been a while since I last had a punt with someone new. Just a shame this wasn't a good one.


Was in Cambridge for the day and as the other girl I wanted to book wasn't available, I found Angie on a quick AW search as not too far away. Thought £60 for a half hour was a decent deal so called her up and managed to get a short notice booking.

The venue was ok, standard really... decent new(ish) block of flats, free parking, easy access.

First off I'd say the 'young' in her name is maybe inaccurate. I'm not a great guesser when it comes to age but to me she looked closer to 33 than the 23 she states in her profile. I also wouldn't say she was a size 8 either. It's definitely her in the photos, but they're either old or very photo-shopped pictures.

She led me into the bedroom, got the paperwork out of the way and she disappeared for a few minutes. When she finally came back I felt the service was just completely cold. Very little kissing and then she just forced her tits into my face. After that it was on with the rubber (which caught me by surprise as I was expecting/hoping for OWO). Oral is one of my favorites, even when covered, but this time it just felt zero energy and she moved on to sex too quickly. Then she went on top, which again just didn't feel right (when going up and down it felt like every time my cock was going to slip out, and I'm not small). Eventually I suggested mish, where I just kept going until I came.

After taking off the rubber and cleaning off, I just got dressed and left.

I was considering making this a negative, as I didn't enjoy it and I'll never be going back. But it wasn't a bit and switch, robbery or some other horror story.

8 review(s) found for young thai 1 linked to in above post (3 positive, 5 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline meatywsg

Hey JonnyS, Are you sure it was this girl? I only ask as she is in Plymouth this week (has been since 24th of September i think), with Plymouth being around 5hrs drive from Cambridge i'm not sure if its a wrong link ?

Offline Stukey

She was listed in Huntingdon til late Saturday last week

I was intending to see her, but one thing and another didn;t get there.

When there she stated one week only

Offline meatywsg

Cheers Stukey, that makes sense, damn shame, the pics are nice and i was hoping to enjoy her.

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