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Author Topic: tiffany hotty  (Read 3411 times)

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Now a very negative review on AW feedback. Be warned. Sooner this is put in negative section, the better.

Offline letsmeetme

I shagged her yesterday too.
It was like a typical soho style.. arrived in the room she asked, yes how long you want to stay, after having a quick look to her room and her way of talking i decided to go for 30min instead of 1 hr (which was still too much to spend with her) she took the money and left the room by saying, take off your clothes, then im waiting in room for 10 minutes, i could hear her talking over phone in her polish language, she came with a condom stuck in her teeth.

the worst part was when she took off her underwear and i could see marks of sweat on her body around her boobs and near pussy, her all beauty, busty boobs and shakey ass were now turned into nightmare for me.. a typical smell of bitch of soho was in my head..

then she asked me to lay down on bed, i tried to touch her and tried to talk a bit but no response no interest straight to business started oral-with for 1 min then she just layed down and said come on..

i gave her around 10 15 min shag, she was moaning as she's pornstar but i knew its not real because as soon as i finished she quickly got up the bed got dressed handed over me toilet roll to clean up myself and left the room and again start talking over the phone..

i was happy yes because i did not pay her for 1 hr as i was very much inspired by her profile on adultwork but it was a disgusting experience
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Offline yumyum3

i could hear her talking over phone in her polish language,
She's Romanian. Pay attention.

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