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Author Topic: 500 per hour  (Read 848 times)

Offline Redevil86

Either a scam or she's not very bright, thinks Cardiff is slang for London as Thay are not Cardiff prices , and if you want skull fuck money like that , at least put some pics and the dusty phone number up !

Offline thatguy

Im in! She's a gem clearly! How can you not see this guys!? She must be worth every penny.
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Offline HughJardon

I think the biggest scam of all is web-camming

I mean even her rates at 3 pounds 50 a minute at 20 minutes is 70 pounds and, that's just to watch her sling a big fat oiled up dildo in and out of herself, which sounds quite horny to be fair  :wackogirl:

But at 500 pounds an hour that's all nighter prices right

Offline Redevil86

Oh fuck it, you've convinced me, don't know why I did't see it ?  where's me wallet !

Online pork sword

£500 an hour or 4 new tyres for the van? Think the tyres are better value... :hi:

Offline aazbo22

£500 an hour or 4 new tyres for the van? Think the tyres are better value... :hi:
plus you can ride the van anytime you want  :D

Offline webpunter

Why not go for overnight @ 3,000 ?  Fucking bargain if ever there was one  :sarcastic:

Offline Redevil86

Why not, anyone want to buy a van, it's worth about 12k but I'd happily have the piss ripped out of me financially and take 3 k , so I can do an overnight with this nice looking girl, so she can then rip the piss out of me financially. some people just take the piss out of us punters, Thay know we are basically weak from a sexual point of view, but not totally fucking stupid.

Offline webpunter

Only £8.33 a minute
Ah - but if you go for the overnight then this drops to £4.16.  You're missing a trick.  Dummkopf !  :sarcastic:

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