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Author Topic: Jassmine - Glasgow  (Read 871 times)

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Think I'm done with Romanians.

Fancied a short notice/local punt. Found this girl in Dennistoun and thought I'd take a chance. Seemed good value at £60 hh. Comms were good, all done by text, she was happy to reply and confirm via text.  Directed to a Romanian brothel in a tenement flat on Duke St. Jassmine answered the door and lead me to her room. Definitely the girl in the pics and much better looking in real life, I was very pleasantly surprised and immediately glad I came. Shorter and younger looking than the pics suggest. Amazing body with tiny waist and great arse. I'd say she looks about 19. The pics of her standing in heels in front of the mirror are the most accurate. More toned and tanned than the older pics. She seemed nice and friendly. Both profiles state OWO but I was informed this would be £20 extra. I thought fuck it I regularly pay £80 for an half hour anyway and I'm really attracted to her, so why not. I paid the extra. She gave me crap OWO for a total of 1 minute before stopping and putting a condom on me. Ffs, a tenner per 30 seconds of sucking.

I asked how many times I could come before getting pissed off at this, and she told me only once or pay extra. I didn't want to completely kill the meet so I decided to just go ahead with the sex and keep it friendly, hoping to maybe remove the condom for more OWO before finishing. She was on her back for missionary so I tried to lift her legs up, nope. She was also holding her hands against my chest/rib area making sure I didn't go all the way in. Despite this she has the audacity to utter the famous boner-killing words: "Are you going to cum?" after about 2 minutes. Fuck sake! This isn't going to work. I motion her to get on all fours for doggy and coldly shag her from behind. I eventually cum, and knowing there won't a second unless I have to pay more extra fees, I despondently get dressed. She asked what my problem is, I say nothing, thanks, goodbye.

Don't fancy leaving any more punts feeling dejected after paying for an enjoyable experience, so pretty sure this will be my last Romanian. Why do so many of them have to have such hot bodies though.  :cry:
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What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline 7iron

Hopefully this review restricts future bookings for her.

Offline David1970

 On her vivastreet profile she states she is Latino, are you telling me she could have lied.

I do not book Gypos and latley do not book Latinos due to lying Gypos.

I knew she was Romanian when booking.

Stay clear of this girl and her friend Roxana, she is a total con, I fell for her nice photos and wasted £100 not long ago, she asked for £20 extra for kissing, £20 extra for second come and also asked for £120 for one hour but on her AW profile it says £100 PH. I saw her in Edinburgh, I did a review here

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Offline Clattypats

She's just a complete con.. :wackogirl:

Nowhere on any of they three profiles does it mention extras... :thumbsdown:

The ES one says CIM yet the other 2 profiles don't mention it...Hope she's looking fwd to a dusty phone in the future..

When I started punting I seen a quite a few ROMs ,and looking back at it now they were all shite punts, with probably only a couple of exceptions..I suppose maybe somewhere there is a couple of Romanian, hidden Gems..Don't think I'll be wasting my money to try and find them though.

Offline guns

Cheers for the review . I have had a few punts exactly like this .
Stunning looking girl but a terrible attitude .
I'm afraid it's the way it is at the moment . Pure lucky dip . Hopefully we can weed out the bad ones but i think it's a losing battle as there are new ones appearing every week .

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