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Author Topic: Oriental massage frat ton road portsmouth  (Read 1572 times)

Offline Harry46

Can anyone give any positive feed back on 218 Fratton road Portsmouth  oriental massage parlour
Banning reason: Trash review

Offline Doormatt

Yes. Change fortnightly. Some stunners some older. HE BJ (covered) B2B. Start at £10  £20 £30 . All will do what you ask. I ask at start. Can't be arsed with all the haggling half way thru. Plenty of info on FBSM.

Offline Harry46

Thanks for that will give it a try
Banning reason: Trash review

I've just been here tonight. Worst massage in history. Well it wasn't a massage just smearing oil over me with one had whilst texting and calling. Had enough after 20 minutes and walked.

Offline Dibble

Had a nice massage and covered bj there about 3 months ago.

Offline Doormatt

I'd have to say "stealth " this has NEVER been my experience in a year of visits and 60 plus visits with 30 plus girls. Are you sure we are talking about the same place ? 218 fratton Rd. I'm sure Judy wouldn't allow service like that.

Hi yes it's the same place. I don't know them by name there but the lady I was with said she was looking after the phone while the boss was away. I was frustrated by lack of attention, she actually popped out of the room 5 minutes after the start of the massage to chat to one of the other girls!
Doormatt, don't get me wrong. I've had some great times in there over the years of visiting 218, but I felt this particular occasion needed a mention. I'll be back there soon enough I'm sure but I'll stear clear of the girl I saw. Massaging (smearing oil) while texting is not happy beginning in my book.

I too am a regular, or rather have been. There hasn't been much rotation of girls recently and those that are there don't seem particularly enthusiastic. My use of the word girls could be questioned as I suspect that none of them at the moment are under 35 - 40. Judy seems to be have been away for quite a while and things have gone downhill. Went in yesterday to see 'Helen' (who I think used to go by the name Linda) and was met by Jina, a large lady that I saw once before who was OKish but nowhere near the slim, pretty masseuse that I hope to see. I didn't stay. Come back soon Judy.

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