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Author Topic: London milf who does a fur coat fetish  (Read 1657 times)


Looking for a milfy busty WG who will also do a fur coat fetish.
Any ladies out there?


Shame Charlotte Dean retired. I'm sure she'd have been ideal for this.

Offline StevenS

She certainly did! That's how she opened her door to me. Fur coat and naked underneath. Nice suburban area. It just worked.

Offline Mr Shy

Not sure what a fur coat fetish involves but Kurvy_Kelly (https://www.adultwork.com/1137269) appears to be wearing a fur coat in one of her pictures so you could ask her.

(Note - I have not visited her myself but she has been reviewed on this site https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=85627.)

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Likes a bit of Muslim roleplay, whatever that is? Dousing you in petrol or beheading presumably? :unknown:


Ava has got a lovely selection of furs

Megan if you like felatio and rimming service in fur

Lana from victoria says she has a fur coat

Thank u

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Offline paul9846


interested if you have seen any of the ladies listed? and feed back on the fur.


 I had a great furfetish/big boob session with Ava.


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Offline horsa

 I had a great furfetish/big boob session with Ava.


I have always wanted to visit her BADLY!!, review please?

Offline horsa

maybe not now after closely viewing her images, I would say she is at least 60 years old

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