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Author Topic: Lush Lola chelmsford  (Read 1302 times)

2 review(s) for Lush.Lola. (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Lola was actually plan b as i could'nt get through to the other ,worked out for the best as she was excelent www.adultwork.com/3597431
Was in essex doing the family thing and managed to get away early, quick scan on phone to see who is around and let my fingers do the walking,got through to lola and arranged for hour later ,
nice house up chelmer village way ,parking ok but not great had to park at top of estate and walk down , found house,quick call,in no probs
She is really nice older then i would normally go for , but quite "fit"cleaned up and onto bed she was full throttle from the start,dfk great blow job her on top and finished in mish
no rush to leave and a nice chat and banter after,i think she works more for fun and the money is a bonus, as i was paying she gave me some back !! ( said becouse first time i saw her) either im a sex god or she's got a good plan for repeat custom
100% recomend defently going to see her again

2 review(s) found for Lush.Lola. linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I was about to add her to my hotlist, but I see she is moving to kent.
by the looks of her info, you were lucky to catch her in chelmsford!

Online richie12

Looks a great punt, also from the ptofile see that she has a tempting 2 fo1 as she trains another girl up- if only i wasn't working !!! :dash:

Offline Hertsgent

She has a right dirty look about her that is alluring, but have never made an attempt to visit even when she's been closer (borehamwood way she does occasionally) - shame really as appears she would be good.

Additionally I always remember RRRs meltdown whenever Lola is mentioned - one of the funniest moments on this board, so always good to be reminded  :D

Thanks for the good review  :thumbsup:

Just noticed she's in stansted next week,and the threesome aswell
Me thinks a trip back home is in order

Offline sxman

Just noticed she's in stansted next week,and the threesome aswell
Me thinks a trip back home is in order

Always wanted to see Lush, but she moved about so much and never stayed in one place long enough, Chelmsford would of been ideal for me, doubt i will get to see her if she's moving to kent.

I've seen her twice, and she did the £20 back thing the first time. Obviously a plan for repeat custom, but that's not a bad thing! Would return if she's back in Essex, but looks as though the Kent move is a permanent thing.

She makes you feel very comfortable and is a bit of a goer. Well worth a look!

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