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Author Topic: Christina a.k.a HelloHun_RealGirl - Leeds 30 minute incall  (Read 702 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1720706 or https://www.adultwork.com/HelloHun%5FRealGirl

Firstly I believe there is one question that everyone wants to know the answer to with this girl so i'll get that out of the way first......"do you address her as Christina, or as 'hello_hun'? Well, I can tell you that you should call her Christina, as that's her "name"  :D

In all seriousness though, there has been some discussion on a few posts about this girls AW photos. I will say straight away that it is definitely the girl in the pics, but those pictures have definitely had....a professional touch applied to them. I'm trying to get the balance right here as I don't want to do her a disservice, but then on the flip-side I've obviously got an obligation on here to state the facts. In simple terms, Christina is a very attractive girl, but maybe not to the level her AW pics suggest. Don't get me wrong, she's still a looker in my opinion, but the pics put her in the 'stunner' category. I actually find it odd that she has a need for them doing in that way, as honestly if she'd have had 'standard' selfies done of her as she is then I'd still would have had her on my radar.

I think the best thing is for me to try and break it down as to what the differences are with her pics; Firstly she is a slim lady, but maybe not to the extent as the pictures suggest. She looks a size 6 in those pics, but I'd say she was more of an 8 or slightly more (I'm not too good with dress sizes), which is still pretty fantastic when you think about it. The most doctored part of the pics are definitely her breasts and arse. The pics kind of give an aura of a very ample girl with Kelly Brook levels of fun-bags and a bouncy, peach of an arse. In reality, she is still very busty, but she is just a 'normal' and very natural type of busty that is extenuated by a push-up bra/dress, but she still does has a nice hand full there. They just don't 'stay' when the bra comes off. Similarly she still has a nice, grab-able arse; it just isn't as rounded as it is in the pictures.

As I say, I feel I'm almost doing her a disservice as she is a very attractive girl. It's just if you're a 'boob-man' and specifically are wanting to see a girl with big, bouncy melons then you might feel mis-led from her pics.

Anyway, to matters at hand. I had a bit of time to myself and as it was a few days after payday I was feeling the need to scratch an itch. I'd seen Christina's profile pop up in leeds and recognised her as someone I'd wanted to see before when I'd seen her profile pop up in Manchester. As per everyone else's thoughts though, I was dubious about her looks (I remembered I'd actually briefly cammed with her a while back to see what she looked like and saw then that there was a difference). And then there's the price; £100 for 30 minutes and £180 for an hour. Now usually I like a 30 minute booking and look around say £60-£80 as being the standard for that. I've seen Sweetascandii for 30 mins @ £100 before, but I knew that was a guaranteed top service. But my Sgt. Major was twitching and starting to control my thoughts so decided to take the plunge and I dropped her a quick text to see if she was available that afternoon. Not long after I got a response and it wasn't long before we'd sorted a time and I was setting off to Leeds.

Christina's comms were excellent. Her replies were always to the point and concise, and she provided clear information as to where she was located. Things were starting to look up. Wasn't long before my train was pulling into Leeds and I dropped her a cheeky message to state I had arrived in Leeds and if she was ready any earlier I could head straight over. Luckily I got a reply back saying she would be and to make my way there so off I went. Location wise it was easy to get to - 5 minute walk from the station, between the station and Clarence Dock. It was a clean, quiet street.........at least, it usually would be but no. This was the day of the Oktoberfest/Beerfest/lets-get-all-the-drunk-students-hanging-out-in-one-place-fest  :dash:

The street was rammed with people queing to get into the event. At first I found it a bit daunting. I messaged Christina and she replied with a '2 mins please hun' message......I was nervous at first, but realised that I wasn't particularly looking out of place. The apartment block entrance is quite discreet and to be honest I probably just looked like someone waiting to be let in to see a mate or something, so after a few moments it didn't really bother me seeing all the people out there (plus there was actually some nice totty on view that got me all pepped up). A minute or two later and Christina messaged the flat number and buzzed me in.

The apartment block is quite nice. Clean and discreet and no issues getting in. Took the lift straight up to the floor, found her apartment and as I walked towards the door it was opened by her from inside (how do they know when you're arriving - I wasn't in direct line of sight of the peep-hole!!). She did the good old 'hide-behind-the-door' thing we all love, and i'll be honest at this point I was still a little unsure who would be behind it. I needn't have worried!

When the door closed Christina stepped out and immediately I was glad I booked her. She looked gorgeous. She was stood in quite a stylish little dress, her long blonde hair flowing down the side of her head, a nice application of make-up with a lovely shade of red lipstick on her quite fulsome lips, and her breasts being pushed up and popping out the top of her dress. I immediately could see that her boobs weren't going to be as big as I'd have imagined/hoped they'd be from her pics, but they were still very prominent and on any other girl would still be impressive. Facially though, this was where I actually thought she looked better than her pics! she is a very pretty, eastern-European looking girl. She looked beautiful. She has kind of a Jennifer Lawrence look about her face. Quite a girl-next-door vibe about her I thought. All in all, I was pleased I'd made the booking. I handed over the cash and Christina showed me to the bathroom. I made a comment about how busy it was outside and she agreed. I then asked if she had known about the Oktoberfest before she'd arranged to come but she kind of just responded with 'very busy isn't it, lots of people' in a thick Romanian accent. At first I had a small twinge of worry that his was going to be a typical Romanian punt, but I put it down to maybe her not hearing me. I got a quick shower (clean bathroom, 1 bottle of shower gel, which I guess is all you need, and plenty of towels. The bathroom was small-ish. Not in any way that was a discomfort, but it had a weird, triangular shape to it). Had a quick wash of the downstairs area then got out and stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

Christina was waiting for me, laying on the bed and she'd stripped down to her underwear. She'd also tied her hair up and removed the lippy (which I actually personally like it when they leave it on, what with me being single and not having to worry about any missed 'evidence' being left on me). She still looked very sexy - she had a slight tan on her, and a slender body. Maybe not gym-toned, but I'd still describe her as slim. She invited me on to the bed and we had a little chat about how long she was in Leeds, etc, as she moved me around and closed the door. She has a thick accent which I find a turn-on, but is very chatty and easy to talk to. If she doesn't understand something, she'll say so and ask you to repeat. None of this just saying 'yeah, yeah' to everything - she was actually engaging and responsive, which put me even more at ease.

She stood up and took off her bra and panties and this was when I confirmed that she wasn't the buxom page 3 type the pictures kind of indicated. I'll repeat what I've said above though. I don't want to do a disservice to her. She does have nice, fairly large-ish boobs. They just aren't the two beach-balls stuck to her chest that some may be hoping for. She started to kiss all over my body, starting with my chest, shoulders then stomach and legs. At first I thought 'Oh great, another eastern-European who doesn't like to be kissed', but then immediately after that thought went through my head she came up and we started kissing on the mouth. It was nice and pleasant, there was some light tongue action and she seemed to enjoy doing it. She has quite fulsome lips and after a while she returned to kissing my body and then started licking my balls. It felt great, but then she got up and went to the drawer and returned with a rubber in her teeth. "Great, no OWO for me then" I thought and sure enough she did that thing where she uses her mouth to put it on, which admittedly is very erotic, but I was disappointed that it was covered. She then gave me a nice BJ. Nice, but not earth-shattering. She did do plenty of sucking and licking the shaft, and she did actually take it quite deep and when I grabbed the back of her head she started vigorously taking it deeper. It just... I don't know, it just didn't quite blow my mind as, say, a Sweetascandii one. Still it was good and any BJ is a good BJ.

She carried on for a few minutes then came up and asked if I was ready for her. Indeed I was. On with some lube and up she climbed. She is quite tight and it felt great being inside her. She started to ride me in cowgirl and seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. When she's on top, she does like to look at you directly in the eyes and I found this such a turn on. She has lovely eyes, and looks very pretty as you pleasure her. Again, she has a Jennifer Lawrence look about her face, so I couldn't keep my eyes off her. We kissed some more and I could sense she was enjoying it all as well. As she rode me, I also got to suckle, fondle and handle her boobs. They are actually still very nice to play with. Her arse too felt great to grab as I lifted her to bounce her up and down and although they are not as quite 'advertised' on her pics, they were both still a joy to play with while screwing her.

After a while, I asked to get behind her so we switched to doggy and I started pumping away at her, first grabbing her pony-tail then putting my hands on her shoulders to get deeper. She was making all the right noises so I think she was enjoying it too. She reached underneath and started playing with my balls. To my shame I could feel myself getting close already. It had been a while since I'd last 'released' and it had built up so I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I told her I was going to cum and I did have the intention to ask if I could finish on her chest, but her telling me 'come on, fill me up with your cum' in her sexy accent was too much so I emptied into the sack and came to a satisfying climax.

I pulled out from her and she asked me to lie down. She got some wipes and took the rubber off of me and cleaned me up a bit. We started to chat some more and this is where I became more endeared by her. She is a very, very lovely young lady and great to talk to. She admitted that she'd only really been speaking English for about three years or so but you wouldn't know it from chatting with her. she told me all about how she likes to buy expensive things and why her prices are higher than others. She said that as she has to pay for a serviced apartment and pay for her train ticket to Leeds, and you know what - I could see where she was coming from so fair enough. She also said she doesn't like seeing too many people in one day as "too much sex makes me sore", so again, fair play to her. She obviously knows what she wants out of this and isn't just in it to make as much money in a day as she can. She isn't a typical, conveyer belt EE girl. She is great to talk to and boy can she talk. And talk and talk. I actually like this, as I hate that awkward, trying to force a conversation sensation you can sometimes have. We chatted away and she is actually quite funny. There was the occasional language barrier issue, but again she always asked me to repeat or expand on anything she didn't understand. She was quite playful as we lay there as well, lying across my feet and stroking my leg. I was actually getting hard again and started gently rubbing my member in the hope that she'd see I was excited and offer to help me relieve myself again, but no dice. Fair enough - I'd only paid for half an hour so couldn't really expect much more. We actually went about 15 minutes over the allotted time. No time watching from her. I guess this is a by-product of seeing limited clients in a day.

Finally I got up and headed for another shower. A quick wash off and dry, then got dressed and stepped back out. Christina had gotten back into her dress and re-applied some make-up. Her hair was back down and she had a deep shade of red lipstick again. She actually looked hotter than when I first walked in. A quick parting kiss or three and I was off. All in all a decent punt for a Saturday afternoon.

So, looking back on it all. Is it the girl in the pics? Well, yes and no. It is her, but they have definitely been done up a bit. As I've stated above though, I don't really think she needed to do this with her pics as she is a very attractive lady anyway.

Price wise -  if I'm being honest, I don't think her services warrant the price she charges. I totally see her point about covering her expenses, and to be fair it's only slightly more than a 'standard' Leeds girl - it's not like she's charging double the going rate. That being said, I would still have expected OWO to be on offer, but maybe I just caught her on a day she wasn't up for it.

Would I return - yes, actually I would. I would do a 30 minute session for £100 if it was near enough my payday or if I'd had a little extra to use up that month, but I don't think I'd pay £180 to spend an hour with her. Maybe some others would disagree with me on this and say that she should be going for around the £70-£80 mark for a 30 minute booking, but personally I had a nice rapport with her and sometimes for me that's just what I need from a punt.

All I can really say is that for the sake of an extra £20-£30 to what you'd usually pay to spend time with a hot girl, she's worth at least a one off visit. Just don't plan on taking her on a shopping trip. She says she likes to buy shoes and bags that she told me the price of and believe you me - I and most men will consider them to border on the frankly ridiculous price-range!!!

8 review(s) found for HelloHun_Christina linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella.  :hi:

No OWO FFS that is not what I expected :dash: :dash:

Glad I kept my money in my pocket.

Offline bod666

Thanks for the informative review  :thumbsup:

This game is all about supply and demand - so fair play to her for charging more than others and not caring that she's not going to get as many punters.

Personally I much prefer my wgs who are saving for something rather than just blowing the money they make on designer crap.  She earnt it though so can spend it on whatever she likes.

The best irony I ever had was a wg berating me for wasting money on escorts  :sarcastic:

Personally I much prefer my wgs who are saving for something rather than just blowing the money they make on designer crap.  She earnt it though so can spend it on whatever she likes.

I actually asked her if she'd been saving and she said usually she does but this year she's been spending too much. She said she sends money back to her family in Romania and that she knows she's only got about two more years of this. Came across as quite level-headed to be honest, not one of these delusional girls who think they'll be able to make millions. I was actually quite impressed with her.

Offline mrfishyfoo

This game is all about supply and demand - so fair play to her for charging more than others and not caring that she's not going to get as many punters.

Thing is...... we all know a top lass will get a queue of repeat visitors regardless of what she charges.

With hindsight I should have podged her when she was £140.

Oh well plenty more fish in the pond. My next one is going to be a full on riot.

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