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Author Topic: Anyone done Granny Vera  (Read 1176 times)

Hello all,

Anyone seen granny vera in Leicester!! What's the crack there!! 😂😂😂

Full of Cobwebs by the sound of it.... :bomb:

Being a more mature punter I did attempt to contact her a couple of times. I suppose it was more out of curiosity than intent, although with a positive response I may well have followed it up. However, no replies and that seems to be the rule. I rather think that she is a spoof.


Offline Shagger69

Banning reason: Bombarding Admin with reports, complaining about Admin sleeping and not responding

It's possibly fake.

Agreed. Head looks (badly) Photoshopped onto the body  :unknown:

Deffo photoshopped...

What ever floats your boat I guess.... Who is prepared to TOFTT.... Or try.... :scare:

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